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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yusef Lateef - Morning

 Always nice to repost something that someone requested that I probably haven't listened to since I first posted it over 4 years ago. This is great stuff. Not a bad track across both lps.
 These are Lateef''s first sessions as a leader after his move from Detroit to NYC. Originally  released across 3 Savoy lps from just two sessions a few days apart.
 These sessions were recorded a year before I was thrust upon the world. These reissues were  released in 76, my senor year in high school. Only a year had passed since I had realized the fantastic sounds of Miles and Trane. This shit wasn't even on my radar. Tis a shame.

Yusef Lateef
Morning - The Savoy Sessions

1. Morning
2. O'Blues
3. Ameena
4. Metaphor
5. Yusef's Mood
6. Blues In Space
7. G. Bouk
8. Polarity
9. Midday
10. Happology
11. Space
12. The Beginning
13. Beauregard

Lateef - tenor, flute, argol, scraper
Curtis Fuller - trombone, tambourine
Hugh Lawson - piano
Ernie Farrow - bass, rabat
Louis Haynes - drums
Doug Watkins - finger cymbals, misc. percussion

originally released as Savoy lps 12003, 12009, and 12115 - these are taken from Savoy SJL-2205

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hozan Yamamoto + Masabumi Kikuchi - Silver World

 One of those rare records that are defined as "hauntingly  beautiful." This record was laid down when I was twelve tears old. 45 years later, I find myself mesmerized. A wooden flute really? Isn't the night sky beautiful, the clouds, the stars...the music.

1. Prologue
2. Silver World
3. Stone Garden of the Ryoan Temple
4. A Heavy Shower
5. Sawanee
6. Epilogue

Hozan Yamamoto - bamboo flute
Masabumi Kikuchi - piano
Gary Peacock - bass
Hiroshi  Murikami - drums

recorded 10/15-20/70

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Capitol Jazz Classics Vol 13 - Strictly Bebop

  Another reposted request from a few years back.

  A little bebop. This one from the Capitol Classics series. Some really great stuff on this one including a couple of vocal tracks by the ever entertaining Babs Gonzales.
  As much as I love the fiery intensity of the the small bebop combos, I really enjoy this big band stuff. Particularly when no one is about and you can crank it up on the stereo. The way the orchestra punches is like a loving kick in the chops.
  The line up on these tracks is beyond measure, but just the same I have to mention how much I enjoy picking Art Pepper's short solo on Prelude To A Nightmare. On the other hand, trying to pick out Coltrane (on rare alto sax) is like looking for Waldo.

Strictly Bebop
Capitol Jazz Classics Vol .13

1. Sid's Delight
2. Casbah
3. John's Delight
4. What's New
5. Heaven's Doors Are Wide Open
6. Focus
7. Capitolizing
8. Professor Bop
9. St. Louis Blues
10. Real Crazy
11. Prelude To A Nightmare
12. Say When
13. You Stole My Wife You Horsethief
14. Tally-Ho
15. Oo-la-la
16. Coast To Coast

Tadd Dameron and His Orchestra
1-2: Fats Navarro (tp), Kai Winding (tb), Sahib Shihab (as), Dexter Gordon (ts), Cecil Payne (s),
Tadd Dameron (p), Curley Russell (b), Kenny Clarke (d), Vidal Bolado 9conga), Rae Pearl (vcl) - New York City 1/18/49
3-6: Miles Davis (tp), JJ Johnson (tb), Sahib Shihab (as), Benjamin Lundy (ts), Cecil Payne (bs), Tadd Dameron 9p0, John Collins (g), Curley Russell (b), Kenny Clarke (d), Kay Penton (vcl) -
NYC 4/21/49

Babs Gonzales and His Orchestra
7-8: Bennie Green, JJ Johnson (tb), Julius Watkins (fhn), Jordan Fordin (as), Sonny Rollins (ts), Linton Garner (p), Art Phipps (b. vcl). Jack Parker (d), Babs G (vcl) - NYC 10/20/49
9-10: JJ Johnson (tb), Alberto Socarras (fl), Son Redman (ss), Sonny Rollins (ts), Wynton Kelly (p), Bruce Lawrence (b), Roy Haynes (d), BG (vcl) NYC 4/27/49
11: JJ Johnson (tb), Art Pepper (as), Herbie Stewart (ts), Wynton Kelley (p), PeeWee Tinney (g, vcl), Bruce lawrence (b), Jackie Mills (d), BG (vcl) - LA 3/20/49

Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra
12-14: DG (tp, vcl), Willie Cook, Don Slaughter, Elmon Wright (tp), Matthew Gee, Sam Hurt, Hameefan Mageed (tb), Jimmy Heath, John Coltrane (as), Jesse powell, Paul Gonsalves (ts), Al Gibson (bs), John Aces (p), Al McKibbon (b), Specs Wright (d) - NYC 11/21/49
15-16: same except replace with Floyd Smith (g). Add Chino Pozo (bongo), Joe Carroll (vcl)
NYC 1/10/50

Capitol Jazz M-11059  mono   vinyl rip

Friday, October 31, 2014

Hell yeah, Halloween!!!

 Just a fun compilation for one of my favorite holidays. Try not to scare yourself.

 1. Night of the Ghouls
2. Gates of Hell - David Murray
3. Little Pocket Sized Demons - Vijay Iver
4. Friday The 13th (scary version) - Orange Then Blue
5. Night Creeper - Arthur Blythe
6. Frankenstein and Igor - Roy Campbell
7. Death Scene - Johnny Mandell
8. Zombie - Art Ensemble of Chicago
9. Right Frankenstein in Saigne-leg - Akira Sakata
10.Dance of the Devil Demons - Fred Ho and his Monkey Orchestra

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Billy Bang Sextet - Sweet Space

I posted this lp a few years ago but I recently had a request for a repost which I am happy to oblige. What a better excuse for digging out this great record. In my earlier  review I called this lp "shambolic". I don't necessarily get that anymore. Well I do kinda, but this thing grooves in a way I was just learning to appreciate back then.

Now I'm grooving on it on one of the last nights I can sit outdoors without a fire. And it's hitting all the right buttons.

Recorded live at the Loeb Student Center north lobby, New York University, November 15, 1979.

Billy Bang Sextet
Sweet Space

1. A Pebble Is A Small Rock
2. Sweet Space
3. Loweski For Frank (T.F.R.)
4. Music For The Love Of It

Billy Bang - violin
Frank Lowe - tenor sax
Luther Thomas - alto sax
Butch Morris - cornet
Curtis Clark - piano
Wilbur Morris - bass
Steve McCall - drums

Vinyl rip 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bob Thompson - On The Rocks

  Mr. Thompson claims to have used an all star west coast cool jazz crew for the lp. There are no credits but I don't doubt for a minute that he is correct A little bit of investigation should confirm that. Unfortunately I lost my PI badge in a scuffle with a prog rocker and I have no assistant to back me up.

 This is one of the more sought after bachelor pad lps and with a cover like that, why wouldn't it be?
 Even better is that it is a recent gift from a friend whose new girlfriend "doesn't appreciate those type covers."

 So stir yourself a martini, light a log, and groove on some tunes your parents (or grandparents!) thought were cool on the new hi-fi in the living room.

1. There's A Small Hotel
2. June Is Just Bustin' Out All Over
3. Happy Talk
4. Breezin' Along With The Breeze
5. Just You, Just Me
6. Almost Like Being In Love
7. On The Rocks
8. Jersey Bounce
9. I'll See You Again
10. The Little Black Box
11. Always
12. All The Things You Are

Recorded at RCA Victor's Music Center of the World, Hollywood, California on October 21 and November 4, 11 and 18, 1959.    

Vinyl rip.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Andre Previn and J.J. Johnson play Kurt Weill

 I mostly dismissed Andre Previn for years. He still doesn't set my world on fire but he worked with these kick ass dudes and played some of my favorite showtunes so I guess he gets a pass.
  The version of Pirate Jenny (or the crazy titled equivalent) is over the top cool. The rest of the record races to keep up and nearly succeeds.

 1. Bilbao-song
2. Barbara-song
3. Overture
4. Seerauberjenny
5. Moritat
6. Surabaya - Johnny
7. Wie Man Sich Bettet
8. Unzulanglichkeit

Anre Previn - piano
J. J. Johnson - trombone
Red Mitchell - bass
Frank Capp - drums

vinyl rip Columbia CS 8541   (1962)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cal Tjader - West Side Story

 I know this is beat to hell. If I had a better copy I share it. Doesn't really make a difference here but I have this really groovy red vinyl copy.

1. Prologue - Jet Song
2. Something's Coming
3. Maria interlude
4. Maria
5. Tonight
7. Cool
8. One Hand, One Heart
9. I Feel Pretty

Cal Tjader - vibraphone
Clare Fischer - piano
Red Mitchell - bass
Shelly Manne - drums
Red Callender - tuba
Milt Holland - drums
Paul Horn - flute
Mongo Santamaria - conga
Willie Bobo - drums and Timbales

and a whole host of horn and string players I don't recognize. There are people out there that spend far too much time compiling lists for slackers like me, so the complete personel should be available with little effort.

Fantasy 3310

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Charles Lloyd Quartet - Dream Weaver

Really can't imagine why this lp doesn't stay in print. Great tunes, fantastic line up. These cats were at the top of their game. I still struggle a bit with the flute but it is swinging opening track that sways me this time. I dig the long sequences on the first side, while Love Ship from the oether side has ended up on many a jazz comp for unsuspecting novices.

1. Autumn Sequence
  a) autumn prelude
  b) autumn leaves
  c) autumn echo

2. Dream Weaver
 a) meditation
 b) dervish dance

3. Bird Flight
4. Love Ship
5. Sombrero Sam

Charles Lloyd - tenor sax & flute
Keith Jarrett -piano
Cecil McBee - bass
Jack DeJohnette - drums

Atlantic Records  SD 1459     1967

Saturday, October 11, 2014

yosuke yamashita / adelhard roidinger - inner space

 Another duo lp by Yamashita. Another excursion into the ozone. Amazing lp that rides the wave between cool and just a little weird. Perfect for a cool autumn night.

1. Country Walk
2. Tight Pants
3. Soft Waltz
4. Green Wave

Yosuke Yamashita - piano
Adelhard Roidinger - bass

recorded 6/24/77

Monday, October 6, 2014

Terumasa Hino Sextet - Fuji


Here's a rare weeknight posting, but crisp fall weather is in the air, a large glass of bourbon and a sit out on the porch culminated with this lp.
 I came of age in the 70's, learned to dig jazz by the end of the decade. Bet yer ass I never heard this.
 Liner notes tell us the this 1975 lp was Hino's first US release as a leader. All the hipster's though were aware of him a couple of years earlier. Guess I missed out on that part. Probably bought a Yes lp instead.
 Just the same I love this lp that sounds very much of its time (little electric guitar, little electric piano) in a way I never appreciated back then. Then again, I'm pretty sure this record wasn't carried by my local hippie co-op records and tapes joint.

1. Be and Know
2. Reaction
3. Fuji
4. A Child Is Born

Terumasa Hino - trumpet
Takao Uematsua - tenor sax
Mikio Masuda - electric piano
Kiyoshi Sugimoto - guitar
Yoshio Ikeda - bass
Motohiko Hino - drums

Catalyst Records Cat-7901

Friday, September 19, 2014

Chico Hamilton - man from two worlds

Here's an overlooked smoker of a record. All laid back and cool, this thing has Charles Lloyd debuting what would become his signature track.

 The band is sparse and melodic, just the way I like things.

1. Man From Two Worlds
2. Blues Medley
 a-little sister's dance
 b-shade tree
 c-island blue
3. Forest Flower Sunrise/Sunset*
4. Child's Play
5. Blues For O.T.
6. Mallet Dance
7. Love Song To A Baby

Chico Hamilton - drums
Charles Lloyd - tenor sax, flute
Gabor Szabo - guitar
Albert Stinson - bass

produced by Bob Thiele

vinyl rip impulse stereo A-59

*Forest Flower is presented on the lp as two separate tracks but there is no discernible break. Even later cd versions list the song(s) as a single track.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Arthur Blythe Parkinson's Fund

Bumping this up. See comments.

 Please donate to the Arthur Blythe Parkinson's fund.
Arthur Blythe has Parkinson's Disease. Anyone wishing to contribute to a fund for his health care, please visit this site:

 The Arthur Blythe Parkinson's Fund

Friday, September 12, 2014

anthony davis james newton quartet - hidden voices

As I creep up into old age I find I don't dislike flute as much as I once did. Those Jethro Tull records really messed up my head when I was a kid and I'm just getting over it.
 Good thing because James Newton plays a fair amount of flute on this lp (it's what he does! ed.) but it was my rampant appreciation  of Davis' piano that made scoop this up the minute I found it. I really dig that the only other horn is a trombone. I kinda dig these odd combos, when they work.
This one does, but what would you expect from India Navigation, one of THE great labels?

side one:  a) forever charles
                 b) hocket in the pocket
                 c) past lives

side two:   a) crystal texts set 1, pre a-reflexion
                  b) sudden death

anthony davis - piano
james newton - flute
rick rozie - bass
pheeroan ak laff - drums
george lewis - trombone (guest)

india navigation in 1041   (1979) vinyl rip

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ken McIntyre Sextet...Intoducing The Vibrations

 I was surprised when I found this was a one off record. Bought it originally for the japanese connection. Found I loved it for far more than that.
  These guys pull off that slow burn groove that just kills me. especially late summer nights on the porch. And Hino throws a little gas on the fire occasionally.

1. Theme
2. Eileen
3. Shortie
4. Clear Eyes
5. Now Is The Time
6. Miss Priss

Ken McIntyre - alto sax,flute, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon
Terumasa Hino - trumpet, flugelhorn
Richie Harper - piano
Alonzo Gardner - bass
Andre Strotbert - drums
Andy Vega - congas, percussion

recorded 10/30/76

vinyl rip

Friday, September 5, 2014

Stan Kenton's West Side Story

 And now for something completely different. Well different from the Albam version I posted a couple of weeks ago. C'mon you know these songs and these versions are driving and exciting, and that's no lie.

1. Prologue
2. Something's Coming
3. Maria
4. America
5. Tonight
6. Cool
7. I Feel Pretty
8. Officer Krupke
9. Taunting Scene
10. Somewhere - Finale.

Capitol ST 1609

vinyl rip

Monday, September 1, 2014

Kenny Wheeler - Double Double You

 I don't think this lp is easily available. This is a blatant attempt at drawing interest to my earlier post.

Please help if you can.

1. Foxy Trot
2. Ma Bel
3. W. W.
4. Theme for D'reen / Blue For Lou / Mark Time

Kenny Wheeler - trumpet, flugelhorn
Mike Brecker - tenor sax
John Taylor - piano
Dave Holland - bas
Jack DeJohnette - drums

 recorded 1983 Power Station NYC

ECM 1262   vinyl rip.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Walt Dickerson - Unity

I've had a couple of requests to repost this record. So here tis.

The vibes are cool, man. That's all they can be.They can swing. Oh, they can swing like a mother, but they always stay cool. Lionel Hampton was cool. Lionel Hampton was cool. Really cool. Bobby Hutcherson was cool. Probably the coolest of them all.  But in between Dickerson showed 'em how to improvise.
 These side long tracks sport a pair of drummers and not a horn to be seen!! I freaking love these kinds of lps. Not your standard line up but somehow that's OK. This stuff surely has influenced some of my favorite modern lps.
 Grab a cool whiskey and watch the sun go down on these last days of summer. This could be your soundtrack.

1. Unity
2. High Moon

Walt Dickerson - vibes
Walter Davis, Jr. - piano
Andrew Cyrille  drums
Edgar Bateman - drums
George Tucker - bass

The cover photo is of the 1978 vinyl reissue you are currently digging...or at least should be soon.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jimmy Rowles - Grandpaws

 I really gave this fine lp the short shrift when I originally posted it 5 years ago. When I was asked to repost it, it seemed like a good time to give it another listen and perhaps offer some better insight.
 I first landed this record when I bought a trunkload of jazz lps. I'm taking car trunk. It's survived several moving culls, so it must have some special qualities. And it really does.
 Rowles piano tends to be lyrical without flashiness and yet he steps it up when called for. Hart and Williams are one of the best rhythm sections to come out of the '70's. This record tends to get buried as do too many fine lps. I was an immense pleasure to dig it out and give a listen as I type this.

Jimmy Rowles Trio

1. While You Were Young
2.Medley (Take the A Train/I Love You/I Hadn't Anyone Til You/
Chicago/Desert Song)
3. Jam Face
4. Blood Count/Isn't It Romantic
5. Where Or When
6. My Mother's Love
7. Irene

Jimmy Rowles - piano
Buster Williams - bass
Billy Hart - drums

Friday, August 22, 2014

Kenny Wheeler 1994


Kenny Wheeler plays a mean horn. Makes his home in the UK and has made some smoking records for ECM.  This from another site...

For health reasons, Kenny has been unable to work for most of the year.

He needs our help financially. Please consider donating what you can through PayPal to:


Thank you

EVAN PARKER - tenor and soprano saxophone
BARRY GUY - bass

Special guest: KENNY WHEELER - trumpet

1. 19:50
2. 21:34
3. 17:19

Vortex, London. 9th January 1994

Photo by Caroline Forbes.
This is posted with the kind permission of Evan Parker.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Joe Harriott Double Quintet - Indo-Jazz Suite

 This is a recent discovery for me. Ran across it at someone's yard sale. Gave em a buck. Took the chance and after a couple of listens, I'm really digging it.
 The title is pretty explanatory as to what you will get, but hey India was big in 1966! I really dig this and can't wait to turn it on to the prog goons.

 FTR as I was getting ready to post this I found that Orgy In Rhythm blog did an awesome write up of this record a few years ago. It has since been re-upped there this past June. Been following that blog for years. I should have been more aware of this.

Never the less, I have my own vinyl copy that I am going to share with y'all. Hope ya like it.

1. Overture
2. Contrasts
3. Raga Megha
4. Raga Gaud-Saranga

Joe Harriott - alto sax
Kenny Wheeler - trumpet
Pat Smythe - piano
Coleridge Good - bass
Allan Ganley- drums
John Mayer - violin and direction
Chris Taylor - flute
Diwan Motihar - sitar
Chandrahas Paiganka - tambura
Keshan Sathe - tabla

Atlantic SD1465  1966 stereo vinyl rip

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mike Taylor - Remembered

  I gotta confess, most of the Brits jazz leaves me cold and uninterested. The continent and Japan both seemed to have a better grasp on the genre and what it was about in the soul. That said, there comes around someone who breaks the mold,
 Mike Taylor did that but tragically moved on far too early.  Recording only two elusive lps, his fame rest with his collaboration with Ginger Baker on a Cream lp. To this day that lp is still a monster.
 This then is a compilation of his tunes covered by his fellow countrymen. Well worth your listening time, it spotlights not just his jazz tunes but a bit of a penchant of orchestral and show tune type arrangements.

1. Half Blue
2. Pendulum
3. I See You
4. Son Of Red Blues
5. Brown Thursdasy
6. Song Of Love
7. Folk Dance no. 2
8. Summer Sounds
9. Land Of Rhyme In Time
10. Timewind
11. Jumping Off The Sun

recorded 1973, london

Friday, August 1, 2014

Cannonball Adderley - Jump For Joy

 Cannonball's interpretation of Duke's musical, this lp is often paired with the "with strings" lp but that seems a bit of a lazy combination to me. And it gets dissed far too much. Yeah some of the tracks seem bloated at first but they end up balancing out nicely with the more sparse cuts. All around I think is a pretty good lp and a nice tribute to Duke.

 My copy is some weird  release for Sears with this cartoon cover....

I love it. And the lp is great as well. The band is an all star bunch.

1. I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
2. Two Left Feet
3. Just Squeeze Me
4. Nothin'
5. Bli Blip
6. Jump For Joy
7. Chocolate Shake
8. If Life Were All Peaches and Cream
9. Brownskin Gal In Calico Town
10. The Tune Of The Hickory Stick

cannonball adderley - alto
emmet berry - trumpet
bill evans - piano
barry galbraith - guitar
milt hinton- bass
jimmy cobb - drums

Leo Kruczek, Gene Orloff - violin
Dave Schwartz - viola
George Ricci - cello

Richard Hayman, Bill Russo - arrangers

recorded NYC 8/58

vinyl rip


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Terumasa Hino - Taro's Mood

I'll step away from lps by our Japanese friends for awhile after this one, I promise. But there are so many damn good recordings, check out a couple of the blogs listed in the side bar, they really have it covered.

This is a particularly great one one that I haven't seen make an appearance elsewhere. Three workouts with the side long final track the real star.

1. Alone, Alone and Alone
2. Taro's Mood
3. Predawn

Terumasa Hino - trumpet
Mikio Masuda - piano
Yoshio Ikeda - bass
Motohiko Hino - drums
Yuji Imamura - conga

recorded live at jazzclub domicile, munich, germany.  7/29/73

vinyl rip

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Manny Albam - West Side Story

Manny Albam gathers some buddies and records what is essentially a big band recording of the most influential soundtrack from my teens. When I was just a lad I didn't realize how this soundtrack would work it's way into the very fiber of my being. It resides there to this day, just waiting to be shaken awake occasionally. You can't tell me you don't find it so yourself.

 Did I mention that Albam and friends pulled it off? Cuz they did.

 Manny Albam and his Jazz Greats

 1.Prologue and Jet Song ..
.2.Something's Coming
 3. Cool
 4. Maria
 5. Tonigt
 6. I Feel Pretty
 7. Somewhere
 8. Finale

Manny Albam's Jazz Greats on this lp are: Gene Quill, Ernie Royal, Osie Johnson, Milt Hinton, Hank Jones, Al Cohn, Bob Brookmeyer, Wendell Marshall, Ed Costa, amongst others.

Decca Records DL4517

vinyl rip

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Togashi-Yamashita Duo - Kizashi

Another from the wonderful pianist Yosuke Yamashita, this time in a duo setting with masterful drummer Masahiko Togashi. Impressive stuff .
 The outstanding blog barabara sounds put this up a few years ago. I wish I had known that sooner, as I would have been listening to it the last couple of years. Don't know if it is still there, they have been sadly quiet for awhile.
 Still I landed a nice copy and I thought it was time to share some of the jazz I been digging so much lately with my friends.
 Dig these duets, kids. Yeah there's more solo drum than necessary but the whole damn thing is barely a couple of drinks long and the piano kicks ass. They pulled off a live version of this lp that I would love to hear.

1. Action
2. May green
3. Nostalgia
4. Feelin' Spring
5. Duo Dance
6. We Now Singing

Masahiko Togashi - percussion
Yosuke Yamashita - piano

recorded 4/15-17/80, Tokyo

vinyl rip

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Yosuke Yamashita - solo piano

Time and weather influence your listening choices. It's true, just think about it. Anyway it's just before midnight, it's lightly raining after storming all evening. I'm on the back porch hanging mellow. Bourbon in hand, I'm totalling digging some solo piano which just seems perfect right now.

But I chose to not go down the backroads of america but to venture to the land of the rising sun. I been digging this jazz from japan for the last few years. The good stuff is hard to come by, the great stuff...ridiculous.

 Here's a couple of really good solo piano lps. These are a bit more laid back than Yamashita's trio stuff, but perfectly played for a night like this.

The lps are " Alone" and "Breathtake"

1. Flight Of The Autumn Leaves
2. Communication
3. Paraphrase
4. Closing Theme

recorded Toshicenter Hall, Tokyo, 3/14/74

1. Roihani
2. Echo
3. Mina's Second Theme
4. Breathtake
5. Entlam
6. It Will Be Forever
7. Turning Point

recorded Munich Union Studio 1975

Friday, June 27, 2014

Coleman Hawkins - JATP and more

It's a Friday night and we gotta lotta love for Hawkins round Chez Hook this evening. Had a itch needed scratchin' so I threw together these live tracks. Couple of oddball bonus cuts thrown in.

I started off with an old Verve lp that has 3 from a 1950 JATP set, next up another 3 from 49. Rifftide from the second set should be recognized as Hackensack by Monk, obviously from their time together. The first lp finishes off with Hawkins accompanying MJQ on 4 tracks.

Next I tacked on Hawkins set from a Pablo box entitled "The Greatest Jazz Concert In The World", a claim that doesn't actually hold up. Go figure! But it is fun.

Then I slapped on a couple of odd tracks from weird compilations before finishing with a "jam session" from the afore mentioned earth shaking concert. The jam is a Duke staple and I'm pretty sure my cloth ears say Hawkins in sandwiched between the Prez and Benny Carter solos.

1. Yesterdays
2. Hawk's Tune
3. Stuffy
4. Body and Soul
5. Rifftide
6. Sophisticated Lady
7. Bean Stalkin'
8. I Can't Get Started
9. Time On My Hands
10. The Walker
11. Moonglow
12. Sweet Georgia Brown

13. Lover Come Back To Me
14. Blues Changes
15. Skippy
16. Battle of the Saxes

17. C Jam Blues

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stephane Grapelli - Satin Doll

More Grappelli. Lots of fun. Lots of swing. Lots of standards.

Play this when the barbecue is over and everyone is sitting around, drinking nightcaps and watching fireflies buzz by. 

1. Satin Doll
2. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
3. Body and Soul
4. Ain't Misbehavin'
5. Mack The Knife
6. Body and Soul (second version)
7. Pennies From Heaven
8. The Girl From Ipanema
9. My Funny Valentine
10. Blue Moon
11. The Lady Is A Tramp
12. Exactly Like You
13. Ebb Tide
14. You Took Advantage Of Me
15. Loverman
16. I Didn't Know What Time It Was

Stephane Grappelli - violin
Eddy Louiss - organ
Marc Hemmeler - piano
Jimmy Gourley - guitar
Guy Pederson - bass
Kenny Clarke - percussion

produced by Arnauld Froberville
Vanguard records VSD 81/82

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Joe Hunt Trio - self titled.

This is a great little record and it is a shame that it has hardly garnered the attention it should, but so goes the music business.

 Here's the deal, I met Joe after buying and/ or bidding against him for something on ebay. He lived near me and I knew no one in the area and contacted him and he was gracious enough to invite me into his home.  We had several afternoons together with a bottle of wine and some of the finest jazz I have never heard elsewhere.
 You see, Joe drummed for George Russell on those great early records. Later he worked with Stan Getz, Evans  and Gary Burton. He never once mentioned it. He and his wife made me feel so comfortable that it never occurred to me to interview him after I put two and two together. I can not say that I have ever met a more gracious couple.
 But mostly he has spent his time teaching and I was lucky enough to catch him during his brief stay in Harrisburg.

Oh yeah, and he introduced me to Clark Terry. Very cool.

I held off on posting this record until it no longer seemed to be carried in the usual avenues. It may still be available through both the piano player and bassist's websites.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Wardell Gray - Central Avenue

A friend asked me to repost this lp. It was a perfect opportunity to revisit it as well and I thought it was so fantastic that I decided to revise my much earlier post and give it it's due right here.

 Wardell Gray came of age in that special time between swing and bop. It was the west coast and things were as far out as they were back east just yet. Gray's easy tone and swinging feel make this a delight to listen to. Too bad his early demise relegated him to obscurity to all but hardcore jazz fans.

Other than a couple of alt versions this lp was also released as Wardell Gray Memorial Album. With the additional tracks it will no longer fit on a snigle disc so....
The first disc worth of tracks are the same as the memorial lp, you can skip them if you have a copy.

1. Twisted
2. Southside
3. Sweet Lorraine
4. Scrapple from the Apple
5. Move
6. A Sinner Kissed An Angel
7. Blue Gray
8. Grayhound
9. Treadin'
10. April Skies
11. Bright Boy
12. Jackie
13. Farmer's Market
14. Sweet and Lovely
15. Lover Man
16. The Man I Love
17. Lavonne
18. So Long Broadway
19. Paul's Cause

This bonus disc is the bomb! The first 3 tracks are the unissued sessions from Central Ave. "The Great Lie" is from an IAJRC release. "Stoned" is on a Mainstream comp. The last track is actually Gray's first ever release.

1. Twisted (alt.)
2. Easy Living (alt.)
3. Southside (alt.)
4. The Great Lie
5. Stoned
6. The Chase - Dexter Gordon's All Stars
7. Relaxin' at Camarillo
8. Cheers
9. Carvin' The Bird
11. Easy Living

There ya go. The whole shebang! A much better post than the first time around.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Robert Parker - Fats Waller in Stereo

Here's another Robert Parker In Stereo show to tide ya over until I fix a few tracks.

I love this stuff and had no idea I would look back so fondly to when I was stone broke and living in my sister's basement. Still the cheap twelve pack, a little weed and the radio made for a great Saturday night.

Relive it with me cats!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Johnny Mandell - I Want To Live

I've really been digging into some soundtracks lately so when I came across this in the collection I was psyched. I had completely forgotten that I owned it. It's one of those damn sleeves with no spine.
 Cool west coast jazz just seems to work for this crazy little film and the best part is it works as well without the visuals. It's unfortunate that some of the pieces couldn't stretch out a bit more.
 Dig that groovy cover, cats and kittens.

1. Main Theme
2. Poker Game
3. San Diego Party
4. Henry Leaves
5. Stakeout
6. Barbara Surrenders
7. Trio Convicted
8. Trip To Corona
9. Peg's Visit
10. Gas Chamber Unveiling
11. Nightmare Sequence
12. Preparations For Execution
13. Letter Writing Sequence
14. The Last Mile
15. Death Scene
16. End Title

Jack Sheldon, Al Porcino, Ed Leddy - trumpets
Frank Rosolino, Milt Bernhart, Dave Wells - trombones
Dave Wells - bass trumpet
Vince de Rosa, Sinclair Lott, John Cave, Dick Parisi - french horns
Harry Klee - picolo and flutes
Abe Most, Bill Holman - clarinets
Joe Maini, Marty Berman - bass clarinets
Joe Maini, Bill Holman, Chuck Gentry - saxes
Red Mitchell - bass
Pete Jolly - piano
Al Hendrickson - guitar
Shelly Manne, Larry Bunker, Mel Leweis, Milt Holland, Mike Pacvhenco - percussion
Kathryne Julye - harp

Arrangement by Johnny Mandell

taken from imported lp London SAH-T 6024

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Richie "Dick" Garcia - A Message From Garcia

I gotta be honest, even though I saw Evans and Quill on the cover listing I didn't have high hopes for this lp. I bought it mostly for the cheesecake cover. I just assumed the lp would be far to beat to ever offer up. I was close to right (somebody liked side two alot),but it's not as bad as some I have seen and the music was better than I hoped so why not share?
 I have before said I am not a huge jazz guitar fan but I'm coming around. Big clarinet fan though so this seems to hit all the right buttons tonight.
 Anyway the lp was to be relegated to a frame on the wall but it just might have found a home in the collection. Nah, who am I kidding?  That baby's getting framed!

1. Have You Met Miss Jones*
2. If I'm Lucky~
3. Kimona My House+
4. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire*
5. The Deacon~
6. Stompin' At The Savoy~
7. Like Someone In Love+
8. Potatoes*
9. It Could Happen To You~
10.Ev'ry Night About This Time+

  Dick Garcia - guitar
*  A. J. Sciacca - clarinet
* John Drew - bass
*/+ Camille Morin - drums
+ Bill Evans - piano
+ Jerry Bruno - bass
~ Bill Anthony - bass
~ Terry Pollard - piano
~ Gene Quill - sax
~ Frank Isola - drums

produced by Chuck Darwin
Secco Records  DLP-1106

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rich Matteson- Easy Street

I had this lp cued up to be reviewed and submitted almost a year ago but then I decided I didn't like it all that much, mainly because of the Billy Joel cover so away it went. It did tend to creep out occasionally but usually got shuffled back without much fanfare. At one point, it was in my hand to be filed into the shelves but I thought to myself "I remember why I bought this record, and if I stuff it in here chances are it will not see the light of day for sometime."
 You see, I was in a little record store in Green Bay on a visit when the fellow threw this on the turntable. As it played it caught my interest and I asked who it was. The fellow handed me the jacket but I said I didn't recognize the artist. He shrugged his shoulders and told me he didn't either, he was just going through some records he had just bought. I was intrigued enough that I offered him a couple of bucks, if he would sell it to me on the spot without digging through some book.
 I'm assuming the other 50 bucks worth of records in the pile swayed him because he agreed. I had to wait a couple of weeks to actually hear it again because he was on his honor to box up my find and mail it to me. He did...faith in humankind restored.
 Now about the lp...we have a scandanavian quartet backing an american scholar playing the euphonium. What the hell is a euphonium, you say? It's like some crazy cross between a small tuba and an overripe french horn but twisted up like trumpet. Got it?
 Matteson, at the time of this recording was on board faculty at North Texas State University, heralded for their fine jazz program. He passed away in 1993. This record was recorded in Sweden when he was there for a festival.
 Oh and the scandanavians...they're slouches either.
 To this day, I skip the Billy Joel song.

1. Donna Lee
2. Easy Street
3. Just the Way You Are
4. Mikki's Blues
5. I Thought About You
6. Dan's Blus
7. Crib Chimp
8. Without A Song

Rich Matteson - euphonium
Ulf Anderson - tenor sax
Kjell Ohman - piano
Sture Nordin - bass
Egil Johansen - drums

recorded at Marcus Music Studio, Solna, Sweden July 1980
produces by Lars Samuelson

Four Leaf Clover Records FLC 5051

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stephane Grappelli - just one of those things!

 I was so tired of bending over and looking through piles of crap in the "antique mall" that I almost passed up the next stack. But I didn't and lo and behold I walked away with a half dozen lps. And now I am on the back porch, digging the cool breeze as this crazy record plays through the screen door.

 There are two Grappelli records floating around with the same title. This is the Black Lion lp. Live at Montreux Jazz Festival  4/4/73.

1. Just One Of Those Things
2. Misty
3. More
4. Que Restent-ils De Nos Amours!
5. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
6. Them There Eyes
7. Honeysuckle Rose

Stephane Grappelli - violin
Marc Hemmeler - piano
Jack Sewing - bass
Daniel Humair - drums

Montreux, 4th July, 1973

Black Lion BL-211


Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Duke '14

Another tribute to Duke. Just some of my favorite stuff from lps laying about, compiled in a less than sober state the weekend before Duke's birthday.
 I tried for a varied mix, with some covers both by Duke and others, some early stuff as well as some later. I'm really happy with the way this turned out.

1. Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me - Duke/Ray Brown - This One's For Blanton
2. Backward Country Boy Blues - Money Jungle
3. Jungle Blues - 30's orchestra covering Jelly Roll
4. Beginning To See The Light - Woody Herman/Erroll Garner
5. Apes and Peacocks - Queen's Suite
6. Mood Indigo - Anatomy of a Murder soundtrack
7. Sophisticated Lady = Billy Mitchell w/ Bobby Hutcherson
8. I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good - Johhny Hodges w/ Duke's Men
9. Echoes of Harlem - more classic old Duke, live from 1938
10. Satin Doll - Ella/Basie...'nuff said
11. I Can't Get Started - Duke Trio covering the classic tune.
12. Caravan - The Duke/Strayhorn All-Stars
13. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me - Billie Holiday
14. Solitude - Duke/Coleman Hawkins, but Ray Nance deserves a mention here!
15. Single Petal Of A Rose - Ben Webster
16. Sweet and Pungent - Blues In Orbit...Duke's cool.
17. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart - Terry Gibbs Quartet
18. Everything But You - Eugenie Baird w/ Duke's Men
19. Skunk Hollow Blues - Johnny Hodges Orchestra
20. C-Jam Blues - Shirley Scott

If you want a copy of this comp, contact me.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jay Hoggard - mystic winds, tropic breezes

I first heard this record while the India Navigation blog was being assembled. Somehow I screwed up and only recorded 3 of the 4 songs Of course the link had died before I realized this. I loved the damn disc I burned but I always felt I was being cheated. And then one day...when I am in some far too crowded with junk antique store, I find an immaculate copy of this lp for the outrageous price of 15.00. The owner was as happy to grab my tenner as I was to race outta there with my new treasure!
 It appears that the folk over at OIR posted this way back in 08. With the India Navigation blog history, I think it's time this makes it's reappearance, hopefully finding a few new fans.

From my new vinyl....

1. Mystic Winds, Tropical Breezes
2. The Golden Ashanti
3. Other Side Of The Ocean
4. Listen In Silence

Jay Hoggard - vibes
Cecil McBee - bass
Anthony Davis - piano
Billy Hart - drums
Don Moye - percussion
Dwight Andrews - bass clarinet
Wilson Moorman III - tympani

1982 India Navigation   IN 1049

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pete Rugolo - Music For Hi-Fi Bugs

 Oh, hell yeah. Finally ran across a copy of this in decent shape without some moron wanting an arm and leg for it. Here is a 5 dollar copy, recorded on the first spin after a bit of cleaning.
 Who the hell wouldn't snatch this up for the cover alone?  Just turns out the music is actually pretty cool as well. You know in the Pete Rugolo west coast laid back way.

1. For Hi-Fi Bugs
2. Once In Awhile
3. Fawncy Meeting You
4. These Foolish Things
5. Later Team
6. Oscar's and Pete's Blues
7. Dream of You
8. Snowfall

EmArcy  MG 36082    1956

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Robert Parker - Regional Rare

 Here's another of the Robert Parker shows. More great stuff here. I know it's not really cool to dig this early stuff but it really work checking out. And these sessions are as clean as they are rare.
 I have really fond memories of hearing these shows. They would run on the nearby college/NPR station on Sunday evenings. I was living in a basement apartment outside Chicago, mostly friendless and broke. I was learning more and more about jazz from this radio station. I recorded a handful of these on cassettes at the time because I suspected it was something that probably needed time to sink in.
It's always a treat to post one of these shows because it's gonna be playing in the background.
 As usual, dig it, cats!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Red Rodney - missing Okeh tracks

Here's the four Red Rodney tracks that everyone has been clamoring for these past few months. Somehow they got left off the Okeh compilation I posted, have no idea how but believe me, I am no digital genius.

There is always a silver lining. Just as i went to re record these tracks I ran into recording problems with my cd deck, quickly compounded by some turntable problems. It forced me to take care of these issues and I have a much better set up because of it and my recordings are sounding better than ever. 

And I listened to these tracks with a fresh ear,something I hadn't done in awhile.  So cool, this old school. Here ya go, all fresh and shiny!

1. Dig This Menu, Please
2. Red's Mambo
3. Honeysuckle Rose
4. Buckle My Shoe

Red Rodney - trumpet
Buddy Savitt - tenor sax
Jimmy Golden - piano
Joe Pauline - bass
Jerry Gilgore - drums
Morty Perry - vocals

recorded in NYC circa 9/52

Monday, March 24, 2014

Marian McParland - Live at The Carlyle

Marian McParland's NPR shows were instrumental in my return to jazz. Here's a record I scored at a local junk shop for 3 bucks...signed by the lady herself.
I'm sure it's not gonna turn the world on it's ear but this is really nice stuff. Great standards, a couple of tunes I wouldn't expect and a sweet little original. Enjoy!

1. Like Someone In Love
2. Ill Wind
3.One Morning In May
4. Crystal Silence
5. Giant Steps
6. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
7. Star Eyes
8. A Delicate Balance
9. For All We Know

Marian McPartland - piano
Steve LaSpina - bass
Michael Di Pasqua - drums

recorded live Carlyle Hotel, 9/10/79

Halycon records HAL 117

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dizzy Reece & Ted Curson - Blowin' Away

I really dig this line up. When this was recorded back in '78 I was two years outta high school. We all listened to rock and prog. I was the jazz guy though. Never heard of these guys back then. Ha! What did I know?

  1. Stella by Starlight
  2. All the Things You Are
  3. Bass Conclave
  4. Moose the Mooche
  5. Marjo
  6. Walkin'

Ted Curson - trumpet and flugelhorn (solo  A-2)
Roy Haynes - drums
Sam Jones- bass
Dizzy Reese - trumpet (solo A-1)
Claude Williamson - piano (solo  B-1)

recorded 6/9/78 Blue Rock Studio, New York
produced by Toshiya Taenaka and Fred Norsworthy

1978 Interplay Records  IP-7716

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hamiet Bluiett - Resolution

From sublime to funky to far out, Bluiett covers a lot of ground on this early Black Saint lp.

1. Happy Spirit
 (my inner-self that rarely gets a chance to emerge!)
2. Flux/A Bad M.F.
 (a caricature of Don Pullen - A Giant)
3. Head Drake
 (dedicated to my cousin Calvin Miller)
4. Before Yesterday
5. Spring's Joy
6. "Mahalia" ...No Other One
 (dedicated to Mahalia Jackson - A Great Lady)

Hamiet Bluiett - baritone sax, clarinet, flute, bamboo flute
Don Pullen - piano, organ
Fred Hopkins - bass
Billy Hart - drums, percussion (left channel)
Don Moye - sun percussion (right channel)

1978 Black Saint Records

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Charles Tolliver - The Ringer

Here's a groovy lp from 1969. Later reissued as Charles Tolliver and Music Inc. This swings from start to finish. A lucky junk shop find!

1. Plight
2. On The Nile
3. The Ringer
4. Mother Wit
5. Spur

Charles Tolliver - trumpet
Stanley Cowell - piano
Steve Novosel - bass
Jimmy Hopps - drums