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Friday, September 12, 2014

anthony davis james newton quartet - hidden voices

As I creep up into old age I find I don't dislike flute as much as I once did. Those Jethro Tull records really messed up my head when I was a kid and I'm just getting over it.
 Good thing because James Newton plays a fair amount of flute on this lp (it's what he does! ed.) but it was my rampant appreciation  of Davis' piano that made scoop this up the minute I found it. I really dig that the only other horn is a trombone. I kinda dig these odd combos, when they work.
This one does, but what would you expect from India Navigation, one of THE great labels?

side one:  a) forever charles
                 b) hocket in the pocket
                 c) past lives

side two:   a) crystal texts set 1, pre a-reflexion
                  b) sudden death

anthony davis - piano
james newton - flute
rick rozie - bass
pheeroan ak laff - drums
george lewis - trombone (guest)

india navigation in 1041   (1979) vinyl rip


Hookfinger said...

Once again, all the kids are downloading this far out music. How about you?


-Otto- said...

A very good IN album. Thank you, HF!

E-mile said...

for more flute check mr. Roland Kirk ofcourse.. or grab some of my reupped flute-posts [:-)
peace, E-mile

mr phil said...

Gimme dat old time far out music!

rev.b said...

Heyt, "the kids and their music is where it's at!' thx!

Jared Rubens said...

66.6 Mb makes me a good boy.