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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yusef Lateef - Morning

 Always nice to repost something that someone requested that I probably haven't listened to since I first posted it over 4 years ago. This is great stuff. Not a bad track across both lps.
 These are Lateef''s first sessions as a leader after his move from Detroit to NYC. Originally  released across 3 Savoy lps from just two sessions a few days apart.
 These sessions were recorded a year before I was thrust upon the world. These reissues were  released in 76, my senor year in high school. Only a year had passed since I had realized the fantastic sounds of Miles and Trane. This shit wasn't even on my radar. Tis a shame.

Yusef Lateef
Morning - The Savoy Sessions

1. Morning
2. O'Blues
3. Ameena
4. Metaphor
5. Yusef's Mood
6. Blues In Space
7. G. Bouk
8. Polarity
9. Midday
10. Happology
11. Space
12. The Beginning
13. Beauregard

Lateef - tenor, flute, argol, scraper
Curtis Fuller - trombone, tambourine
Hugh Lawson - piano
Ernie Farrow - bass, rabat
Louis Haynes - drums
Doug Watkins - finger cymbals, misc. percussion

originally released as Savoy lps 12003, 12009, and 12115 - these are taken from Savoy SJL-2205


Cooljazz said...

This Ysef Lateef album sure brings back a lot of memories. Very good album. Thank you very much.

Hookfinger said...

Wow..so fast...you're welcome!!!!

boogieman said...

Thanks, I had this double LP for 30 years, it's one of my all-time favorite Lateef albums. Not a bad track on the two LPs.

rm said...

Thanks a lot. Necer got these sessions complete

david said...

any chance for re-up? Would love to hear this one.....there's a cd box of these albums out in europe on fresh sounds, but this lp appears in the used bins sometimes. THought it might be worth picking up. Really love 'Cry Tender', it's well worth checking out.

Hookfinger said...

New link cats...


Uri said...

Thanks a lot dave!

I'm not not familiar with this recording. Looking forward to hear it.

Hookfinger said...

Thanks Uri! You are more than generous yourself.

Steven Davidson said...

Thank you thank you thank you for introducing me to Yusef Lateef. :)

Unknown said...

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Cope said...

Nice thanks for this!

Fourcade said...

Wow, thanks!! Just for the record, if anyone's interested, here
are the personnel of the 3 Savoys put together in this album:

Originally issued on 3 separate albums for Savoy:

-"Jazz Mood" (1957): --in 5t w Curtis Fuller

Bass, Rabat– Ernie Farrow
Drums– Louis Hayes
Piano– Hugh Lawson
Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Argol, Scraper– Yusef Lateef
Trombone, Tambourine, Finger Cymbals– Curtis Fuller

-"Jazz For The Thinker" (1957): --in 5t w Curtis Fuller
(same personnel as in "Jazz Mood")
Bass– Ernie Farrow
Percussion– Louis Hayes
Piano– Hugh Lawson
Tenor Saxophone– Yusef Lateef
Trombone– Curtis Fuller

-"The Dreamer" (1959): --in 5t

Bass– William Austin
Drums– Frank Gant
Euphonium– Bernard McKinney
Piano– Terry Pollard
Saxophone, Flute, Oboe– Yusef Lateef

Hookfinger said...

JD - thanks send to hookfinger@yahoo.com. I never come here any more so I hope this works out.