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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stephane Grappelli - just one of those things!

 I was so tired of bending over and looking through piles of crap in the "antique mall" that I almost passed up the next stack. But I didn't and lo and behold I walked away with a half dozen lps. And now I am on the back porch, digging the cool breeze as this crazy record plays through the screen door.

 There are two Grappelli records floating around with the same title. This is the Black Lion lp. Live at Montreux Jazz Festival  4/4/73.

1. Just One Of Those Things
2. Misty
3. More
4. Que Restent-ils De Nos Amours!
5. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
6. Them There Eyes
7. Honeysuckle Rose

Stephane Grappelli - violin
Marc Hemmeler - piano
Jack Sewing - bass
Daniel Humair - drums

Montreux, 4th July, 1973

Black Lion BL-211


Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Duke '14

Another tribute to Duke. Just some of my favorite stuff from lps laying about, compiled in a less than sober state the weekend before Duke's birthday.
 I tried for a varied mix, with some covers both by Duke and others, some early stuff as well as some later. I'm really happy with the way this turned out.

1. Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me - Duke/Ray Brown - This One's For Blanton
2. Backward Country Boy Blues - Money Jungle
3. Jungle Blues - 30's orchestra covering Jelly Roll
4. Beginning To See The Light - Woody Herman/Erroll Garner
5. Apes and Peacocks - Queen's Suite
6. Mood Indigo - Anatomy of a Murder soundtrack
7. Sophisticated Lady = Billy Mitchell w/ Bobby Hutcherson
8. I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good - Johhny Hodges w/ Duke's Men
9. Echoes of Harlem - more classic old Duke, live from 1938
10. Satin Doll - Ella/Basie...'nuff said
11. I Can't Get Started - Duke Trio covering the classic tune.
12. Caravan - The Duke/Strayhorn All-Stars
13. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me - Billie Holiday
14. Solitude - Duke/Coleman Hawkins, but Ray Nance deserves a mention here!
15. Single Petal Of A Rose - Ben Webster
16. Sweet and Pungent - Blues In Orbit...Duke's cool.
17. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart - Terry Gibbs Quartet
18. Everything But You - Eugenie Baird w/ Duke's Men
19. Skunk Hollow Blues - Johnny Hodges Orchestra
20. C-Jam Blues - Shirley Scott

If you want a copy of this comp, contact me.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jay Hoggard - mystic winds, tropic breezes

I first heard this record while the India Navigation blog was being assembled. Somehow I screwed up and only recorded 3 of the 4 songs Of course the link had died before I realized this. I loved the damn disc I burned but I always felt I was being cheated. And then one day...when I am in some far too crowded with junk antique store, I find an immaculate copy of this lp for the outrageous price of 15.00. The owner was as happy to grab my tenner as I was to race outta there with my new treasure!
 It appears that the folk over at OIR posted this way back in 08. With the India Navigation blog history, I think it's time this makes it's reappearance, hopefully finding a few new fans.

From my new vinyl....

1. Mystic Winds, Tropical Breezes
2. The Golden Ashanti
3. Other Side Of The Ocean
4. Listen In Silence

Jay Hoggard - vibes
Cecil McBee - bass
Anthony Davis - piano
Billy Hart - drums
Don Moye - percussion
Dwight Andrews - bass clarinet
Wilson Moorman III - tympani

1982 India Navigation   IN 1049

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pete Rugolo - Music For Hi-Fi Bugs

 Oh, hell yeah. Finally ran across a copy of this in decent shape without some moron wanting an arm and leg for it. Here is a 5 dollar copy, recorded on the first spin after a bit of cleaning.
 Who the hell wouldn't snatch this up for the cover alone?  Just turns out the music is actually pretty cool as well. You know in the Pete Rugolo west coast laid back way.

1. For Hi-Fi Bugs
2. Once In Awhile
3. Fawncy Meeting You
4. These Foolish Things
5. Later Team
6. Oscar's and Pete's Blues
7. Dream of You
8. Snowfall

EmArcy  MG 36082    1956

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Robert Parker - Regional Rare

 Here's another of the Robert Parker shows. More great stuff here. I know it's not really cool to dig this early stuff but it really work checking out. And these sessions are as clean as they are rare.
 I have really fond memories of hearing these shows. They would run on the nearby college/NPR station on Sunday evenings. I was living in a basement apartment outside Chicago, mostly friendless and broke. I was learning more and more about jazz from this radio station. I recorded a handful of these on cassettes at the time because I suspected it was something that probably needed time to sink in.
It's always a treat to post one of these shows because it's gonna be playing in the background.
 As usual, dig it, cats!!