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Monday, October 6, 2014

Terumasa Hino Sextet - Fuji


Here's a rare weeknight posting, but crisp fall weather is in the air, a large glass of bourbon and a sit out on the porch culminated with this lp.
 I came of age in the 70's, learned to dig jazz by the end of the decade. Bet yer ass I never heard this.
 Liner notes tell us the this 1975 lp was Hino's first US release as a leader. All the hipster's though were aware of him a couple of years earlier. Guess I missed out on that part. Probably bought a Yes lp instead.
 Just the same I love this lp that sounds very much of its time (little electric guitar, little electric piano) in a way I never appreciated back then. Then again, I'm pretty sure this record wasn't carried by my local hippie co-op records and tapes joint.

1. Be and Know
2. Reaction
3. Fuji
4. A Child Is Born

Terumasa Hino - trumpet
Takao Uematsua - tenor sax
Mikio Masuda - electric piano
Kiyoshi Sugimoto - guitar
Yoshio Ikeda - bass
Motohiko Hino - drums

Catalyst Records Cat-7901


Hookfinger said...
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-Otto- said...

Thank you, HF! I'll try my best hip-wise.

-Otto- said...

Hey, HF, it seems the first track (01 Be and Know) is only 4 kb in the archive. Any chance for adding a (slightly) longer version? TIA.

zardoz1984 said...

Hi Hook! Thks for the Terumasa's, always worth & which went went unnoticed back then. Wasn't hipper than you! BTW, seems there is an issue with the 1st track –Be & Know: 4 ko for 14 min of music, must be the sound of silence! A re-up would be welcome. Cheers

Hookfinger said...

OK hipsters...here is the hopefully corrected link. Thanks to zardoz for pointing this out. To the 100+ other trolls who couldn't be bothered to say thanks...well you get what you pay for.


Hookfinger said...

Sorry otto - didn't mean to leave you out. Always nice to see you round these parts!!!

dogon ad said...

this is very nice. thank you.

viaceslavas said...

I expect first edition of this album comes from 1972 (Victor ‎– SMJX-10135),
and it was recorded in 1972 as well


Geoviki said...

Thanks so much, looking forward to listening to him.

zardoz1984 said...

a big thank: now, it works perfectly!

-Otto- said...

Thank you for adding Track A1. Much appreciated.

aclev said...

I got a kick out of your comment, since I bought this very LP for 50 cents when I was a kid at our own local hippie co-op records and tapes joint. (Probably was there to get some rolling papers, anyway.)

ENTRO said...

thanks for this one!

rm said...

thank you very much

Cope said...

Always thanks for this stuff! I mean no where near my radar. I was a jazz-head back in the day but got out of it and was on some other ish.. thanks man!