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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mingus Big Band - Glasgow

I've been meaning to get this up for awhile so with the great scare going on right now I figured this was the perfect time. I'm damn sure Mingus would be on our side in sharing these recordings.

 The backstory - This recording appears to be taken from a radio broadcast. I acquired it when I belonged to the IAJRC. I made a copy of a pair of cassettes from their lending library...onto cassette because cd burners were not happening just yet for us regular folk. As soon as I was able to transfer to disc I did. Unfortunately I have since...uhhh...misplaced the original cassettes which certainly contain at the very least, recording info, if not also track listings.
 I'm sure I will run across these in the near future but for now you too can enjoy the mystery of identifying these tracks. Feel free to post in the comments and I will assemble the info out front here.

UPDATE - check the comments. Couple of our friends came through with the info.
A-ha and what I have figured out may be of some help. On posted recording "Invisible Lady" is split due to cassette limitations. I also have no idea where the interviews fall on the official program listings as I have moved them to the end.

 The last two tracks are a short interview with Sue Mingus recorded on the tour.

Mingus Big Band - live 1
Mingus Big Band - live 2

Sunday, January 22, 2012

DJ Theme Somgs

There was a time I was living on the outskirts of Chicago. I lived in a basement bedroom and WDCB was a ray of light in my dismal existence.Things are far better now but I still enjoy listening to these recordings of some of the shows I made back then. Saved my soul, they did.

This is just one of those shows. If I ran a radio station, I would love to play this stuff. It's short, but certainly worth your time. Enjoy.

Songs written for or inspired by Disc Jockeys

1. One For Daddy - O
2. Chicago
3. Coral Reef
4. At Long Last Love
5. Be-Bop Charlie
6. Nasty Magnus
7. The Mark of Jazz

1. The Cannonball Adderly Sextet
2. Count Basie/Tony Bennett
3. Neal Hefti
4. Frank Sinatra
5. Bob Florence
6. Count Basie
7. Maynard Ferguson

another radio show

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Charlie Parker plays Cole Porter

 One of a set of Parker reissues from Verve in glorious mono. Also it was sadly reissued "electronically reprocessed for stereo". This is the shit boys and girls. Scraped right off the vinyl that is older than me.

The alternate take of "I Love Paris" is one of the sexiest songs ever recorded. Had I been aware it years ago, it would have ended up on one of those largely ineffectual seduction cassettes that lonely music geeks were known to make.
 Recorded in 1955, I believe this lp reissue is from 1968. At 44 years of age, this platter is starting to show a little wear. Never the less it still feels good to wrap around it once in awhile.

This post is somewhat cobbed from my sadly neglected Cole Porter blog.

the genius of Charlie Parker #5
Charlie Parker plays Cole Porter

1. I Get A Kick Out Of You*
2. I Get A Kick Out Of You (alt.)*
3. Just One Of Those Things*
4. My Heart Belongs To Daddy*
5. I've Got You Under My Skin*
6. Love For Sale+
7. Love For Sale (alt.)+
8. I Love Paris+
9. I Love Paris (alt.)+

Charlie Parker - alto
Roy Haynes - drums *
Art Taylor - drums +
Jerome Darr - guitar*
Billy Bauer - guitar +
Kenny Kotick - bass
Walter Bishop, Jr. - piano

MG V-8007

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Art Pepper - True Blues

Aw hell yeah! this was like the holy grail for me. I searched long and hard for this record. Scored over the holiday season!!
 One of a pair of lps released with Micho Leviev as the leader. The other lp was reissued in the "Laurie Pepper presents" series as "Live at Tony Scott's" but the original title is something about Fisherman's Blues but I can't seem to find the damn thing right now. 
 I paid far too much for this record so dig it cats, you won't see it around much.

The Milcho Leviev Quartet
True Blues

1. True Blues
2. Goodbye
3. G.I. Blues
4. Straight Life

Milcho Leviev - piano
Art Pepper - alto sax
Tony Dumas - bass
Carl Burnett - drums

Mole 5

Sunday, January 1, 2012

David Murray - Flowers for Albert

 First let me say that while I was looking for a cover image, I found that one of my favorite blogs had already posted this lp. I do believe that they have a copy of the CD with the "Complete Concert" up though. Which in actuality is taken from two different sessions. 
 This is the original lp as presented except that  I cut the tracks at the obvious spot even if the lp lists them as a single track per side.
 Goddamn! Murray was 21 when this lp was recorded. It was his first as a leader and was a fixture in the loft scene. I was 18 and drinking beer and smoking weed in a 100 dollar a month apartment listening to Yes and Pink Floyd on some crappy little stereo. So to say this music is so far past the scope of what I would have listened to at that time that it is crazy is an understatement. Hell 35 years later, I still struggle with it at times, even though Murray has become one of my favorite performers.

Flowers For Albert

1. Joanne's Green Satin Dress
2. Ballad For A Decomposed Beauty
3. Flowers For Albert
4. Roscoe

David Murray - tenor sax
Phillip Wilson - drums
Olu Dara - trumpet
Fred Hopkins - bass

Recorded at The Ladies' Fort, NYC 6/26/76

India Navigation IN1026


Happy New Year

Just want to take a minute to wish Happy New Year and best wishes to all my friends who visit here. All told it had been a pretty good year. I have seen a lot of nice new blogs and have met (ethereally) a few new friends. A few shoutouts, in no specific order; Emile for provided one of the most fun blogs on the planet, Arkadin for his continued top notch effort, Uri and Paolo for the great new additions, King Cake for keeping it real, and inconstant sol and orgy in rhythm for hanging in there so long.  LePorc and the crew from you know where. Cheeba, where ever you are my friend, I hope you and yours are doing well and everything worked out. And last but not least, my constant debt of gratitude to Rab. As I have said time and again, I wouldn't even being doing this without his encouragement, and he has remained a staunch supporter.
I'm sorry if I left anyone out because I was truly blessed with many new acquaintances this year.
 This has truly been a labor of love and despite the occasional moaning about the trolls without enough courtesy to say thanks once in awhile, it has been worth it. As long as people want to hear this music, I'll keep sharing it, if I am able.

Keep swingin', ya all