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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mike Taylor - Remembered

  I gotta confess, most of the Brits jazz leaves me cold and uninterested. The continent and Japan both seemed to have a better grasp on the genre and what it was about in the soul. That said, there comes around someone who breaks the mold,
 Mike Taylor did that but tragically moved on far too early.  Recording only two elusive lps, his fame rest with his collaboration with Ginger Baker on a Cream lp. To this day that lp is still a monster.
 This then is a compilation of his tunes covered by his fellow countrymen. Well worth your listening time, it spotlights not just his jazz tunes but a bit of a penchant of orchestral and show tune type arrangements.

1. Half Blue
2. Pendulum
3. I See You
4. Son Of Red Blues
5. Brown Thursdasy
6. Song Of Love
7. Folk Dance no. 2
8. Summer Sounds
9. Land Of Rhyme In Time
10. Timewind
11. Jumping Off The Sun

recorded 1973, london


Gsblog said...

Stupid to issue a blanket dismissal of British jazz like that.

Hookfinger said...

I thought this was out of print but there is apparently a cd version out there and available from the label. A little research (which I should have done originally) will turn it up. I highly recommend that you seek it out.

Hookfinger said...

Even dumber to go off half cocked. As I made clear it was a personal choice and not a bit of criticism towards the musicians involved. How about you save your ire for those hundreds of people who dl this stuff without a bit of acknowledge meant to either the keepers of the flame or the musicians who create such wonderful sounds.