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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Billie Holiday Vol 2 - Everest lp

I remember when I first bought this lp. It was a used record store sorta. The dude sold records on the landing of his parent's furniture shop. There were maybe 20 stacks of records around the floor, no crates or shelves.This was also the first time we had any access to used vinyl without driving the better part of 100 miles.
Years later this is a destination shop for me in the midwest. He has taken over the entire second floor and most of the first. Of course more space is dedicated to digital than vinyl, but the dude remains a collector at heart and there is always cool stuff to be unearthed at his shop.

 I love these Everest records. I have no doubt that these sessions were culled from many sources and given the artists represented I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't released any many other forms...but this is one of those jazz records I grew up with,  different from what was readily available and just cool as hell. This lp's heritage includes a period when it was the go-to choice when the rain was pattering on the roof of my house, I was safely ensconced in my mancave in the unfinished and rarely comfortable attic.Playing this brings back many fond memories. Enjoy.

Billie Holiday
Volume II

1. Fine And Mellow
2. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
3. Fooling Myself
4. Easy To Remember
5. You've Changed
6. Ghost Of A Chance
7. Willow Weep For Me
8. Stormy Weather

Musicians include Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Mingus, Ben Webster, Roy Eldridge, Gerry Mulligan, Vic Dickerson, Milt Hinton, Doc Cheatham, Danny Barker, Mal Waldron, Osie Johnson, Tyree Glenn.

recorded 8/29/56, 12/8/57, and 6/18/58

FS 310

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Black Swan Quartet - s/t

 It took some time, but over the years I have come to love improvisational music. Or rather improvisational jazz, there are many other forms that still escape my attention. Heavens knows I love a good string quartet.
 What a better way to wind down a long hot weekend with a combination of the two? Add a strong summer rain that does not effect lounging in the back porch and you could be close to nirvana.

 I don't often see this lp offered so I was ecstatic when I scored it on my summer vacation. Well, more like really happy...ecstatic would be reserved for the whole haul as one. But I digress...

 If you thought you would recognize Lee Morgan's "Double-Up", you have a better ear than me.
Duke's "Prelude" is a bit more grounded and the rest are originals. Very very cool.

Black Swan Quartet

1. Double-A
2. Justification
3. Prelude To A Kiss
4. Komor
5. For Rita
6. Inside Mr. Outside
7. Libation Suite
8. Spider Dance
9. All Talk

Akbar Ali - violin
Abdul Wadud - cello
Eileen M. Folson - cello
Reggie Workman - bass

recorded live in studio, NYC 1985

Minor Music 009

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wayne Shorter - Second Genesis

 This is Shorter's 2nd lp is a leader. Originally released on the VeeJay label, this was recorded during his tenure with Art Blakey. Without a doubt, a formative record, often overlooked as he quickly gained fame in Blakey's Messengers and with Miles shortly hereafter.
 Shorter's association with the Messengers is reflected in the straight ahead hard bop playing. Not quite up to par with those great solo BN's in his near future but a damn fine record no the less.
 Oddly enough I own some odd Portuguese reissue, which I now share with you gentle souls and kind folk.

Wayne Shorter
Second Genesis

1. Ruby And The Pearl
2. Pay As You Go
3. Second Genesis
4. Mister Chairman
5. Tenderfoot
6. The Albatross
7. Getting To Know You
8. I Didn't Know What Time It Was

Wayne Shorter - tenor sax
Cedar Walton - piano
Bob Cranshaw - bass
Art Blakey - drums

Recd NYC 10/11/60 (although I have seen discographies say it was Chicago not NYC)

VJS 3057

Friday, July 6, 2012

Oliver Lake - Heavy Spirits

 I'm always amazed at the great jazz records that came out while I was in high school. Great records that I never heard and probably would have completely dug given my frame of mind at that time.Unfortunately I sheepishly followed some of the more far out trends but never discovered the music I would really come to admire.
 Two recording dates, three bands, one of which consists of Lake and 3 violins, and a solo outing. Now that's how to make a great record.

Oliver Lake
Heavy Spirits
1. While Pushing Down Turn
2. Owshet
3. Heavy Spirits
4.Movement Equals Creation
5. Altoviolin
6. Intensity
7. Lonely Blacks
8. Rocket
Oliver Lake - alto sax
 Tracks 1 - 3
  Olu Dara - trumpet
  Donald Smith - piano
   Stafford James - bass
  Victor Lewis - drums
 Tracks 4 - 6
  Al Philemon Jones, Steven Piesch and C. Panton - violins
Track 7
  solo lake
Track 8
  Joseph Bowie - trombone
  Charles Bobo Shaw - drums

1-3,8 recorded 1/31/75
remaining recorded  2/5/75

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ron Carter - Where?

 Come on y'all....an overlooked classic. Well an MOR classic at the very least. Still a lovely lp.
I love the fact that Dolphy is the single horn, that alone should make it worth your time but he is not the star!! Nor does the impressive placement of Mal Waldron's moniker make this a must have. This is totally Ron  Carter's lp and he makes that known. The other dudes fall in line.
 The cello/bass interplay on Duet is lovely in its simplicity. I wish I saw the cello used more often.
 Anyway enjoy this gem on our nation's birthday. Any excuse for a cookout and great music for the background.

Ron Carter 

1. Rally
2. Bass Duet
3. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
4. Where?
5. Yes, Indeed
6. Saucer Eyes

Eric Dolphy - alto sax, bass clarinet, flute
Ron Carter - cello, bass
Mal Waldron - piano
George Duvivier - bass (except on "Softly" and "Saucer Eyes"
Charlie Persip - drums

Recorded 1/20/61 at Van Gelder Studios

New Jazz 8265