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Monday, June 28, 2010

Benny Golson - The Other Side Of Benny Golson

I love the warmth Golson coaxed out of his horn on these early lps, this being his fourth as leader.
The addition of Curtis Fuller on the front line and the absence of a trumpet, give this lp a laid back summer night feel.

There's not much I can tell you jazz fans about the band, all familiar faces. This is just a nice record I don't see much. Enjoy!

And don't you dig the cover, a precursor to what would become standard in the hippie movement in just a few years.

Benny Golson
The Other side of..

1. Strut Time
2. Jubilation
3. Symptoms
4. Are You Real?
5. Cry A Blue Tear
6. This Night

Benny Golson - tenor sax
Curtis Fuller - trombone

Barry Harris - piano

Jymie Merrit - bass

Philly Joe Jones - drums

recorded Nov 12, 1958

Riverside 290

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Women / Classic Female Jazz 1932 - 1952

Ever find yourself killing time in a mall? You might find yourself wandering around some chain store. Used to be that they would always have these dump bins with ridiculously priced cds. And certainly not worth digging through...50 to 1 you find something even remotely interesting.

Whoever kept me waiting in this mall, deserves a kiss on the cheek..forever. Sadly I don't remember the girl, but I remember standing in that store and thinking "This looks pretty cool" and buying the disc. Obviously my priorities are skewed.

There is so much old fashioned goodness spread across this disc, it's crazy. How this stuff ends up in dump bins is beyond me.

The Women / Classic Female Jazz Artists 1939 - 1952

1. Harmony Grits
2. Boogie Misterioso
3. Conversation
Mary Lou Williams' Girl Stars
4. Hesitation Boogie
Mary Lou Williams Trio
5. Oops! My Lady!
6. Low Ceiling
Beryl Booker Quintet
7. A Woman's Place Is In The Groove
8. Operation Mop
Vivien Gary Quintet
9. Blitzkrieg Baby (You Can't Bomb Me)
10. Beautiful Eyes
Una Mae Carlisle
11. Vi Vigor
12. Don't Get It Twisted
International Sweethearts Of Rhythm
13. Calling All Bars
14. Mighty Like The Blues
Hazel Scott w/ The Sextet of the Rhythm Club of London
15. Nice Work If You Can Get It
Edythe Wright w/ Tommy Dorsey and the Clambake Seven
16. My Castle's Rockin'
Alberta Hunter
17. Baby What Else Can I Do
Ethel Waters
18. Rockin' Chair
19. Georgia On My Mind
Mildred Bailey
20. Mutiny On The Bounty
Helen Ward w/ Gene Krupa and his Swing Band
21. I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You
Helen Forrest w/ Lionel Hampton
22. Barbara's Carol
Barbara Carroll Trio
23. Transblucency (A Blue Fog That You Can Almost See Through)
Kay Davis w/ Duke Ellington and his Orchestra

Bluebird 6755-2-RB

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kronos Quartet - live cassette

Pre-internet days, somebody sent me or I bought this cassette. Through the mail. After reading a trade magazine, most likely printed on newspaper quality stock.That's what we did back then.

You remember...you could always run across great deals in the back of Goldmine...if you had a magnifying glass.

Kronos can be difficult to pin down. You may think that they flit from genre to genre a bit, given all they have recorded. I sat in a hotel room with David Harrington one night. I saw the cds strewn around the room that he was listening to the night before a performance. The man absorbs everything. And yet, I was able to turn him on to a cassette of Cannonball Adderley's "Accent On Africa" lp the next night after the performance.

Without Kronos flitting from genre to genre, I would have overlooked a lot of music I have come to enjoy. It's not often when you can actually cite one single group that led you down many paths you may have missed.

This recording is from Terry Riley's 50th birthday celebration. Kronos was also on the verge of releasing their new record, as you will hear.

Unfortunately the years have not been kind and I have lost any specific info I may have had about this recording.

Since today is Terry Rileys birthday, I give you this.

Kronos Quartet
1. Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector
2. G Song
3. The Wheel/Mythic Birds Waltz
4. Cadenza On The Night Plain

Kronos is at this time...
David Harrington - violin
Hank Dutt - Viola
John Sherba - violin
Joan Jeanrenaud - cello

Kronos tape

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Duke Ellington - Monologue

More of the indomitable Duke. Nice stuff from a powerful time. 11 of the 16 tracks are from 1947, the other 5 from '51. While these bands don't always contain Ellington's most famous players, there are no slouches in this bunch and plenty that would achieve fame with Duke in the ensuing years.
I see a smattering of these songs elsewhere but I would have to do research to see if they are the same recordings. I rarely indulge in research. Sometimes I indulge in a buzz and read the credits. I have not read enough credits to be considered an authority but I know that in my bones these are fine Duke Ellington songs. Some swing like a mother, while others paint that panorama that only Duke can create. Sometimes I wonder if these versions were released elsewhere, but not often.

Duke Ellington

1. Three Cent Stomp
2. On A Turquoise Cloud
3. New York City Blues
4. Hy' A Sue
5. Golden Cress
6. Lady Of The Lavender Mist
7. The Clothed Woman
8. Monologue (Pretty and the Wolf)
9. Stop Look, and Listen
10. Rock-Skippin' at the Blue Note
11. Change My Ways
12. Sultry Serenade
13. Women
14. Fancy Dan
15. Brown Betty
16. Smada

The 1947 sessions include at various times Sheldon Hemphill, Harold Baker, Al Killian, Francis Williams, Wilbur Bascom, Ray Nance, Claude Jones, Lawrence Brown, Tyree Glenn, Wilbur DeParis, Jimmy Hamilton, Johnny Hodges, Russell Procope, Al Sears, Harry Carney, Fred Guy, Oscar Pettiford, Junior Raglin, Sonny Greer.

The 1951 sessions featured Harold Baker, Fats Ford, Cat Anderson, Nelson Williams, Ray Nance, Juan Tizol, Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, Willie Smith, Russell Procope, Paul Gonsalves, Harry Carney, Wendell Marshall, Louis Bellson. (tracks 3, 8, 10, 14, 16)

CBS 63 563

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jack Sheldon Big Band - Jack's Groove

Shit photo, I know. Sorry. (Actually thanks to Old Hippie Rick for supplying a better cover. The shit one is reproduced below.) Great record. And one I don't see around much.
Serious West Coast cool in a large band format. There is a small window of time when these dudes were awesome at this.

Sheldon was a veteran of the scene and assembled a crack crew for these sessions.

Recorded at two different sessions, I have no idea why the latter date is presented first.

Jack Sheldon and his Exciting All-Star Big Band
Jack's Groove

1. Green Dolphin Street
2. I'm Also A Person
3. I Had The Craziest Dream
4. Arrivederci
5. Brown Cow
6. Anyhow
7. Julie Is Her Name
8. Aplomb
9. Sunset Eyes
10. J.S.

1 - 5
Jack Sheldon, Conte Candoli - trumpets
Stu Williamson - valve trombone
Vince DeRosa - french horn
Lennie Niehaus - alto sax
Billy Root - baritone sax
Pete Jolly - piano
Red Callender - tuba
Buddy Clark - bass
Mel Lewis - drums

recorded LA, 12/58

Sheldon and Chet Baker - trumpet
Art Pepper, Herb Geller - alto sax
Harold Land - tenor sax
Paul Moer - piano, arrangements
Buddy Clark - bass
Mel Lewis - drums

recorded LA 8/57

Fresh Sounds cd FSR-CD 70

Shit cover...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Johnny Hodges and His Orchestra - Hodge Podge

Recently a discussion about "swing era" bands came up with a few friends. The usual was bandied about. But surprisingly when Duke was mentioned, most folk almost always referred to the the Blanton/Webster phase.
I spent a couple of days wrestling with whether or not Duke was a swing band and how I was going to explain my position. A listen to Cottontail chased those thoughts straight from my head.

It's simply crazy how much Duke recorded back in the day. Even crazier is how there was enough time for his compatriots to record all this stuff under their own names.

However they worked it out, we are all richer because of it.
Nary a famous orchestra song among the bunch. Awesome...but I bet you could track these songs down elsewhere easily enough.

Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra

1. Jeep's Blues
2. Rendevouz With Rhythm
3. Empty Ballroom Blues
4. Krum Elbow Blues
5. I'm In Another World
6. Hodge - Podge
7. Dancing On The Stars
8. Wanderlust
9. Dooji Woodji
10. Savoy Strut
11. Rent Party Blues
12. Good Gal Blues
13. Finesse
14. Home Town Blues
15. Dream Blues
16. Skunk Hollow Blues

Johnny Hodges - alto and soprano sax
Cootie Williams - trumpet
Lawrence Brown - trombone
Harry Carney - baritone sax
Duke Ellington - piano, arrangements
Billy Taylor - bass
Sonny Greer - drums

track 13 - Hodges, Ellington, Greer only
track 15 - Billy Strayhorn replaces Ellington on piano
track 16 - Jimmy Blanton replaces Taylor on bass

recorded 1938/39
1974 Columbia products reissue