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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Billy Bang - Distinction Without Difference

Is this record really from 1979? Damn, I was three years outta high school. I was the only person I knew who was really "into" jazz. No one I knew had an inkling about this shit. I had no inkling about this shit. I can only look back and think that this would have flattened me at the time.
This is a solo outing. Some solo recordings work better than others but most often are only necessary to the dire hard fan. This is short enough and entertaining enough to appeal to any one with interest in Bang's work.

This Swiss label has been responsible for some of the most under the radar great jazz lps of all time. My pleasure to offer...

Billy Bang:
Distinction Without Difference

1. Improvisation on Sweet Space
2. Loweski
3. part of a Distinction Without A Difference
4. Thenme For Masters
5. Sometime Later
6. Skip To My Lou (traditional)

Billy Bang - violin

recorded live on Sunday August 12 1979 at GAKU Gallery NYC

1980 hat Hut records 1R04

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yes Sir, That's My Baby - The Golden Years Of Tin Pan Alley

Here is one of the more obscure lps I have offered. A compilation of Tin Pan Alley tunes from the 20's. There are a few unknowns sprinkled among a handful of names that should nag at the back of your brain, and a couple that should be in every music fan's vocabulary.

This is absolutely one of those lps that deserves a back story. I bought this at a library sale of some sort, in nothing but a paper sleeve. I have several other lps that were released on this label. All have nice gatefold sleeves complete with booklets sporting each track's details. I don't have that. Bummer. My research turned up nothing specific for this lp. Diligence may turn up info on individual songs, you're on your own.

These are great early recordings of these songs, some filled with hope and splendor, some guttural and raw, and most a sign of things to come. Except the part where those guys sing through the megaphone, and maybe the part where it's sounds like they are singing into one. Nah, that's shit's cool too. By time you get to the Armstrong track this stuff sounds almost refined.

Once again a huge shoutout goes to a friend who did a massive clean up job on the lp. Without him this record was barely presentable.

Yes Sir, That's My Baby
The Golden Years of Tin Pan Alley 1920-1929

1. Whispering - Paul Whiteman Orch.
2. April Showers - Al Jolson
3. Collegiate - Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians
4. Dinah - Ethel Waters
5. A Good Man Is Hard To Find - Ted Lewis and his Orch.
6. Gimme Little Kiss, Will Ya Huh? - Jack Smith
7. Deed I Do - Ruth Etting
8. There'll Be Some Changes Made - Sophie Tucker
9. Sunday - Cliff Edwards
10. Yes Sir, That's My Baby - Blossom Seely
11. - Mississippi Mud - Paul Whiteman/The Rhythm Boys
12. My Blue Heaven - Gene Austin
13. Deep Night - Rudy Vallee
14. Ain't Misbehavin' - Louis Armstrong & His Orch.

New World Records NW279