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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Arthur Blythe Parkinson's Fund

Bumping this up. See comments.

 Please donate to the Arthur Blythe Parkinson's fund.
Arthur Blythe has Parkinson's Disease. Anyone wishing to contribute to a fund for his health care, please visit this site:

 The Arthur Blythe Parkinson's Fund


Hookfinger said...

Thanks Uri, for bringing this to our attention.

Hookfinger said...

To this has been added a new recording of Blythe at Yoshi's. For 10 bucks you can have the recording but why not toss in a couple more for the foundation?

DJ Godspeed said...

many thanks bro keep up the awesome work

Muff Diver said...

Hook, I think it's great you would post this plea and challenge for us 'fans' to put our $$ into action to help one of our own.