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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cal Tjader - West Side Story

 I know this is beat to hell. If I had a better copy I share it. Doesn't really make a difference here but I have this really groovy red vinyl copy.

1. Prologue - Jet Song
2. Something's Coming
3. Maria interlude
4. Maria
5. Tonight
7. Cool
8. One Hand, One Heart
9. I Feel Pretty

Cal Tjader - vibraphone
Clare Fischer - piano
Red Mitchell - bass
Shelly Manne - drums
Red Callender - tuba
Milt Holland - drums
Paul Horn - flute
Mongo Santamaria - conga
Willie Bobo - drums and Timbales

and a whole host of horn and string players I don't recognize. There are people out there that spend far too much time compiling lists for slackers like me, so the complete personel should be available with little effort.

Fantasy 3310


Hookfinger said...

Can ya dig it?


Unknown said...

wow! that's a listing of very good people in the backup, thanks very much for this. cool. -alf.

Dirk Bill said...

Can't get enough Tjader and with Clare Fischer arrangements, well, this has to be great. Thank you!