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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Richie "Dick" Garcia - A Message From Garcia

I gotta be honest, even though I saw Evans and Quill on the cover listing I didn't have high hopes for this lp. I bought it mostly for the cheesecake cover. I just assumed the lp would be far to beat to ever offer up. I was close to right (somebody liked side two alot),but it's not as bad as some I have seen and the music was better than I hoped so why not share?
 I have before said I am not a huge jazz guitar fan but I'm coming around. Big clarinet fan though so this seems to hit all the right buttons tonight.
 Anyway the lp was to be relegated to a frame on the wall but it just might have found a home in the collection. Nah, who am I kidding?  That baby's getting framed!

1. Have You Met Miss Jones*
2. If I'm Lucky~
3. Kimona My House+
4. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire*
5. The Deacon~
6. Stompin' At The Savoy~
7. Like Someone In Love+
8. Potatoes*
9. It Could Happen To You~
10.Ev'ry Night About This Time+

  Dick Garcia - guitar
*  A. J. Sciacca - clarinet
* John Drew - bass
*/+ Camille Morin - drums
+ Bill Evans - piano
+ Jerry Bruno - bass
~ Bill Anthony - bass
~ Terry Pollard - piano
~ Gene Quill - sax
~ Frank Isola - drums

produced by Chuck Darwin
Secco Records  DLP-1106


Hookfinger said...

Here's the link my friends.


george said...

I liked this cheesecake cover...
Many thanks, Hookfinger!

rev.b said...

I’m not much of a fan of jazz guitar OR clarinet. One of the few exceptions is Chico Hamilton’s 50’s quintets and this sounds a lot like those. This record reminds me of those grey market Chico releases on the Crown label; terrible pressings, no information, but somehow they festinate me! Yes, this is a much better album than you’d expect and I bet the cover looks great on the wall! Thanks for letting us listen.

Unknown said...

thanks. i'm looking forward to this. you had reservations but you still took it up, i trust your taste. -alfred venison

notesetter said...

Thanks much. I'm enjoying this a lot!