When you get up in the morning, you must have a song - Ray Charles

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

David Murray Octet - New Life

Murray's 4th outing with the Octet. I have become so enamored with Murray over the last few years that often I can never find a damn thing wrong with his lps. Once again, here is one I never picked up until recently and once again I wonder why not. I am now on a quest to land all of Murray's Black Saint lps on vinyl.

 Please enjoy this newest acquisition with me. What else ya got to do for the next 45 mins? Nothing better I assure you.

1. Train Whistle
2. Morning Song
3. New Life
4. Blues In The Pocket

Murray - tenor sax, bass clarinet
Baikida Carroll - trumpet
Hugh Ragin - trumpet
Craig Harris - trombone
John Purcell - alto sax
Adegoke Steve Colson - piano
Wilbur Morris - bass
Ralph Peterson Junior - drums

recorded 10/6/85, NYC

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Makoto Ozone - s/t

So this is the 1st lp by pianist Makoto Ozone.Seems an odd instrumental line up for an opening shot. It's a particularly quiet lp seeing as how the dude put out a couple of real swinging sides over the next decade or so.The inclusion of Gomez might lead to some Bill Evans comparisons, and you may be right. Not necessarily a bad place to start.

I kinda dig the line up but I really have to be in the right mood for it, not just a drop and play lp. I really don't see it offered much so I do what I can cats.

1. Crystal Love
2. I Need You Here
3. Flight
4. Endless Seasons Part 1
5. Endless Seasons Part 2
6. Improvisation

Makoto Ozone - piano
Gary Burton - vibraphone
Eddie Gomez - bass

Columbia BFC 39624
recorded 1984

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Grand Award records - The Blues

Acclaimed by Music Critics. Approved by Music Educators. Treasured by Music Lovers. These Grand Award records can be some fun stuff. Since I'm no discophile I am unaware if this stuff has been issued elsewhere. I put it here to share with anyone else who wants to swing to these grooves. This batch being a bunch of jazzy blues. Dinah belts em out with Lucky Thompson's All Stars. Don't miss Mingus locking down the groove on these. The last couple of cuts are by Betty Roche who is cool but she's got Ellington alumni and Earl Hines on piano. You never hear this shit on PBS!

And a David Stone Martin cover...oh yeah!

1. Blues For A Day
2. Rich Man's Blues
3. All Or Nothing
4. Beggin' Mama Blues
5. Chewin' Papa Blues
6. Pacific Coast Blues
7. Wise Woman Blues
8. Blues On My Weary Mind
9. Trouble, Trouble
10. I'll Get By
11. Design For Jivin'

1-7  Dinah Washington Sings the Blues w/ Lucky Thompson's All Stars
Lucky Thompson - tenor
Milt Jackson - vibes
Charles Mingus - bass
Karl George - trumpet
Jewel Grant - alto sax
Gene Porter - baritone sax
Wilber Baranco - piano
Lee Young - drums

8-11 Betty Roche Sings with the Earl Hines Septet
Earl Hines - piano
Johnny Hodges -alto sax
Ray Nance - trumpet and violin
Al Casey - guitar
Oscar Pettiford - bass
Flip Phillips - tenor sax
Sid Catlett- drums

G.A. 33-318

Monday, April 15, 2013

Robert Parker's Jazz Classics In Stereo - Classic Jazz

I've just been listening to the second installment of The Robert Parker series. I must admit that despite the criticism of his restoration methods, I am quite happy at being able to enjoy these tracks at all.

I must apologize for the horrid commercial in the middle but I left the shows intact.

Despite the similar title of the last post this is a different compilation of various artists and early tracks. The next few shows with narrow the field a bit more.

As I mentioned before, the remaining shows were in half hours segments so there will be two links for each show. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Baby Doll soundtrack - K. Hopkins

Sometimes it all falls in place. The movie is one of my favorites, so twisted. Even the cover is a bit creepy. And who better to follow Cole Porter than Tennessee Williams?  Kenyon Hopkins soundtrack is the perfect foil to the film.

We'll get back to the jazz real soon.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Teddy Wilson - Cole Porter Classics

Wilson shines on this relaxed solo outing, a companion piece to the earlier Gershwin lp. His playing has always been lightly swinging but with a touch of elegance. I think it suits Porter perfectly. This lp, recorded late in his career, is rewarding listening on a overcast Sunday afternoon, or during a quiet dinner for two. And it even contains a nice surprise in the manner of a three song run right in the middle of session. First there is the not often played "Why Shouldn't I", quickly followed by a terrific stride version of "Love For Sale" and  then Wilson sneaks in a tribute song of his own entitled "Too Darn Blue." If you don't pay attention, this entrancing little number could easily slip through as a CP original.

1. Get Out Of Town
2. Just One Of Those Things
3. I Get A Kick Out Of You
4. I Love You
5. It's All Right With Me
6. Why Shouldn't I
7. Love For Sale
8. Too Darn Blue
9. I've Got You Under My Skin
10. Easy To Love
11. What Is This Thing Called Love

Teddy Wilson - piano

Recorded 11/77 - London

Black Lion Records