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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pete Rugolo - Music For Hi-Fi Bugs

 Oh, hell yeah. Finally ran across a copy of this in decent shape without some moron wanting an arm and leg for it. Here is a 5 dollar copy, recorded on the first spin after a bit of cleaning.
 Who the hell wouldn't snatch this up for the cover alone?  Just turns out the music is actually pretty cool as well. You know in the Pete Rugolo west coast laid back way.

1. For Hi-Fi Bugs
2. Once In Awhile
3. Fawncy Meeting You
4. These Foolish Things
5. Later Team
6. Oscar's and Pete's Blues
7. Dream of You
8. Snowfall

EmArcy  MG 36082    1956


Hookfinger said...


The good ole link. Comments welcome.

DiJiT said...

Fun. Somehow, the $5 version always shows up AFTER I've paid through the nose. Practicing patience. Thanks for the share!

JH said...

Thanks, these old Rugolo albums are wonderful!

johnp said...

Many thanks for Rugolo !

dd said...

How cool is this? Thanks!

Muff Diver said...

Hi, I came by your site when I was trying to find something else. Funny how that works, eh?

I know of Pete Rugolo's television work, most notably with Boris Karloff's Thriller (1961) but I've never heard his jazz. Thanks for posting this, I'm gonna check it out!

And you're right, with a cover like that, how could he go wrong?

Thanks again!

Philo said...

One of the first LPs I ever bought was a Pete Rugolo record.

This is classic Rugolo stuff! He did a lot of arranging for Stan Kenton & Hollywood movie scores. Those associations come through loud & clear.

Thanks so much for posting this. I'm really enjoying the music.

Any chance of a scan of the back cover so we can get the performance credits for the band? I can't seem to find them anywhere on line.

Frasco said...

Philo, here you can obtain the info you need:
Thank you Hook for the excellent post.

Hookfinger said...

Thanks frasco for jumping in, and thanks all for dropping by.

Philo said...

Thanks for the link Frasco. That was exactly what I was looking for.