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Friday, September 5, 2014

Stan Kenton's West Side Story

 And now for something completely different. Well different from the Albam version I posted a couple of weeks ago. C'mon you know these songs and these versions are driving and exciting, and that's no lie.

1. Prologue
2. Something's Coming
3. Maria
4. America
5. Tonight
6. Cool
7. I Feel Pretty
8. Officer Krupke
9. Taunting Scene
10. Somewhere - Finale.

Capitol ST 1609

vinyl rip


Hookfinger said...

Leave some comments Sharks and Jets...let me know you dig it!!


JH said...

Thanks! Looking forward to checking it out.

.db. said...

Thanks for your wonder Stan Kenton West Side Story offering. Kenton was a genius. Somehow we don't get that too much today. His version of this mdic is so exciting and vibrant. Keep 'em coming. I enjoy all your great choices. Let's revise that big band era.

DonHo57 said...

Love Kenton takes on popular music, especially show tunes. And I lost my copy of this ages ago. Thanks!

aclev said...

Direct from my parents' record collection!

Muff Diver said...

Stan Kenton was easy on the ears but w/o sounding too cheesy ala Lawrence "Wild Man" Welk.

Thank you for posting this! I'm glad I found it before the link expired.

Hookfinger said...

Since moving to sendspace, these links should stay active forever or until the grid goes down!