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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jimmy Rowles - Grandpaws

 I really gave this fine lp the short shrift when I originally posted it 5 years ago. When I was asked to repost it, it seemed like a good time to give it another listen and perhaps offer some better insight.
 I first landed this record when I bought a trunkload of jazz lps. I'm taking car trunk. It's survived several moving culls, so it must have some special qualities. And it really does.
 Rowles piano tends to be lyrical without flashiness and yet he steps it up when called for. Hart and Williams are one of the best rhythm sections to come out of the '70's. This record tends to get buried as do too many fine lps. I was an immense pleasure to dig it out and give a listen as I type this.

Jimmy Rowles Trio

1. While You Were Young
2.Medley (Take the A Train/I Love You/I Hadn't Anyone Til You/
Chicago/Desert Song)
3. Jam Face
4. Blood Count/Isn't It Romantic
5. Where Or When
6. My Mother's Love
7. Irene

Jimmy Rowles - piano
Buster Williams - bass
Billy Hart - drums


JustPlainHip said...

Thanks very much Hook! Jimmy Rowles is one of my favorites! I once heard him live playing with Ella Fitzgerald. I met him backstage and was talking to him when I realized he was SLEEPING while standing up!!! He certainly was not sleeping on the bandstand!!! Thanks again! JPH

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot!

laconico said...

Great choice.
Can you send Lks?
Thanks in advance.

El Rana said...

Hi Hookfinger!

I heard Konitz' Tenorlee for the first time not long ago. It has become one of my favorites ever and the reason is Rowles' amazing comping for Lee. It's just exquisite. This must be just as good!!

Thanks so much....

Santiago, Chile

moha said...

I like his playing very much, so I'm pleased to get this record. Thank You!

Hookfinger said...

new links -


rm said...

thank you very much

roberth said...

thanks i need to hear more of jimmy rowles