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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Great Jazz Trio - Love For Sale

 I have never understood why these guys chose such an ridiculous name...not that they didn't hold up to it. Still....it just seems such a bad idea. But moving on...
 Something just happens when a classic trio locks into it and covers classic tune after tune. It's after dark and the temperature is still hovering over the 80 degree mark and yet the music makes me feel cool and comfortable. How nice is that?

The Great Jazz Trio
Love For Sale

1. Love For Sale
2. Glad To Be Unhappy
3. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
4. Secret Love
5. Someone To Watch Over Me
6.  Autumn Leaves

Hank Jones - piano
Buster Williams - bass
Tony Williams - drums

recorded 5/22/76, Vanguard Studios NYC

originally released on East West records this is from my vinyl copy of an Inner City reissue.. IC 6003


Monday, June 25, 2012

Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet - Come To My Meadow

 I don't remember who recommended this record. I don't even remember why it stuck out in my memory but it must have because when I ran across it in the folk section at some off the beaten path music shop, a light went off and I took it home with me along with about a half dozen bluegrass records.
 Turns out that while I liked my hillbilly records the dude had soaked me on some records the were e-bayable for considerably less. My ignorance caught me off guard. And unfortunately I was less than happy with this as well, guilty by association.
 But time has change my feelings. This is a really nice record. Perfect for the backporch as the sun is setting, the embers from the grill are dying and all is at peace with the world. Kellaway is an accomplished pianist, the quartet is interesting in it's arrangement and there is a distinctively open folk feel to it after all, even if the knuckle head filed by cover only.

Come To The Meadow
1. Come To The Meadow
2. Chant D'Amour
3. Ballade
4. Seventide
5. Time
6. Arcades II (Stravinsky In Memoriam)
7. Mostly on a "D" String
8. Jorjana #7

Roger Kellaway - piano
Edgar Lustgarten - cello
Chuck Domanico - bass
Emil Richards - percussion

recorded Capitol Studios "A"...11/14/73


Saturday, June 16, 2012

louis armstrong / sidney bechet with the clarence williams blue five

 Let us never forget where things started. These recordings are closing in on 90 years old. Goddamn if they aren't exciting still. If you are still in your seat by the time Papa De Dada comes on, check your pulse.
 The cover notes tell us that these recordings are Armstrong's first recordings on lead cornet just after leaving King Oliver and Sidney Bechet's first sides ever. It's not hard to see that this is where the great unison playing that was to become the staple of bebop had its roots.

1. Kansas City Man Blues
2. Wild Cat Blues
3. New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
4. O Daddy Blues
5. Pickin' On Your Baby
6. You've Got The Right Key But The Wrong Keyhole
7. Texas Moaner Blues
8. Cake Walking Babies From Home
9. Everybody Loves My Baby
10. Of All The Wrongs You Have Done To Me
11. Mandy Make Up Your Mind
12. I'm A Little Blackbird
13. Papa De Dada
14. Just Wait Till You See
15. Livin' High
16. Coal Cart Blues

Thomas Morris; c 1-4, Louis Armstrong; c 5-16, Sidney Bechet; as 1-4, 6-8, 12, 13, 16: cl 7; sarrusophone 11, Buster Bailey as 5,9,10,13-15; cl 16, possibly 14,15, Charlie Irvis; tb 1-15, Charlie Green; tb 16, Narcisse Buddy Christian; bjo, Clarence Williams; p, 
17; Bechet palys cl, sop, and again cl : 9,10 possibly Aaron Thompson, tb : 13: Bechet plays sop. and sarrusphone ; Bechet and Bailey both on soprano*

Once again my anonymous friend has come through and given us a much cleaner version than I originally presented. Please include him in your thanks.

CBS 63 092

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dave Liebman Plays Cole Porter

 I will be the first to admit that I am not usually a big fan of soprano sax. But...as I get older i find myself much more accepting and Liebman goes a long way in making that happen with the record.

 On the other hand, my adulation for Cole Porter tunes is widely known and so this record would get a pass on that fact alone. No other composer, to me remains so substantial even when these giant pop songs are broken down to the most deconstructed trio settings. A testament to that is this record. While never wandering far from the original melodies, sometimes you have to cock your ear to pick them out.

 Usually the higher register of the soprano sax grates on my nerves after a song or two, but for some reason that doesn't happen on these recordings. Perhaps because Liebman doesn't seem to focus the spotlight on himself and let's the trio share in the glory. Truly an lp whose sum is be greater than the individual parts.The inclusion of a couple of rarely heard songs is always a nice touch.

 And with Porter's birthday just around the corner, what better tribute?

Dave Liebman Plays Cole Porter
1. I Love You
2. Dream Dancing
3.  Begin The Beguine
4. I've Got You Under My Skin
5. True Love
6. Riding High
7. Why Do I Care?
8. It's Alright With Me
9. Get Out Of Town
10. In The Still Of The Night

Dave Liebman - soprano sax, flute
Steve Gilmore - bass
Bill Goodman - drums

recorded Snydersville, Pa 1998, released 1994

Red Records RR123236