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Saturday, October 11, 2014

yosuke yamashita / adelhard roidinger - inner space

 Another duo lp by Yamashita. Another excursion into the ozone. Amazing lp that rides the wave between cool and just a little weird. Perfect for a cool autumn night.

1. Country Walk
2. Tight Pants
3. Soft Waltz
4. Green Wave

Yosuke Yamashita - piano
Adelhard Roidinger - bass

recorded 6/24/77


Hookfinger said...

Fall leaves, fall colors, cool jazz...can life be any better?


aclev said...

Excellent...thanks, Hook.

QPjr said...

anything with the astounding roidinger is worth a listen! add 'piano bonfire' yamashita and...who knows what this chemistry will conjure! oh, wait! we'll find out, thanks to your sharing this rarity with us! greatly appreciated.

-Otto- said...

A good album. In case you'd like it as a FLAC rip from the long oop Japanese CD of this enja LP, here's a link:


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