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Friday, March 21, 2014

Dizzy Reece & Ted Curson - Blowin' Away

I really dig this line up. When this was recorded back in '78 I was two years outta high school. We all listened to rock and prog. I was the jazz guy though. Never heard of these guys back then. Ha! What did I know?

  1. Stella by Starlight
  2. All the Things You Are
  3. Bass Conclave
  4. Moose the Mooche
  5. Marjo
  6. Walkin'

Ted Curson - trumpet and flugelhorn (solo  A-2)
Roy Haynes - drums
Sam Jones- bass
Dizzy Reese - trumpet (solo A-1)
Claude Williamson - piano (solo  B-1)

recorded 6/9/78 Blue Rock Studio, New York
produced by Toshiya Taenaka and Fred Norsworthy

1978 Interplay Records  IP-7716


Hookfinger said...

here 'tis...



Bhowani said...

Superb ! many thanks !

Newlyner said...

Wow, this is tasty. Many thanks for posting. :)

Marco Bertoli said...

Thanks Hook. Dizzy Reece is one of the hotters trumpet in modern jazz.