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Monday, March 24, 2014

Marian McParland - Live at The Carlyle

Marian McParland's NPR shows were instrumental in my return to jazz. Here's a record I scored at a local junk shop for 3 bucks...signed by the lady herself.
I'm sure it's not gonna turn the world on it's ear but this is really nice stuff. Great standards, a couple of tunes I wouldn't expect and a sweet little original. Enjoy!

1. Like Someone In Love
2. Ill Wind
3.One Morning In May
4. Crystal Silence
5. Giant Steps
6. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
7. Star Eyes
8. A Delicate Balance
9. For All We Know

Marian McPartland - piano
Steve LaSpina - bass
Michael Di Pasqua - drums

recorded live Carlyle Hotel, 9/10/79

Halycon records HAL 117


Hookfinger said...

Apparently the file is bad. Will attempt to fix this evening.

Hookfinger said...

This should be the fixed link. Please enjoy. And a huge shoutout to the handful of people who were actually polite about the broken link and not demanding like they were being cheated. Love ya'll none the less.


Anonymous said...

Everything seems ok now. Thanks again for this.

george said...

Many thanks again for the post, Hookfinger!

Frasco said...

Thank you so much Hook for this Marian and for the couple of previous posts, all of them outstanding!

Pablito said...

Thank for posting this one. Not only her Piano Jazz series amount to an unvaluable testimony by jazz makers but Marian McPartland was a hell of a pianist.

Adrian said...

Thanks a lot for this rare item.
Wonderful album

aclev said...

Michael DiPasqua...later to record in a very different style on ECM with Eberhard Weber and Double Image, and now a fulltime Subway franchise owner in Florida.

stringbender said...

This one looks very tasty. Thank you!