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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Andre Previn and J.J. Johnson play Kurt Weill

 I mostly dismissed Andre Previn for years. He still doesn't set my world on fire but he worked with these kick ass dudes and played some of my favorite showtunes so I guess he gets a pass.
  The version of Pirate Jenny (or the crazy titled equivalent) is over the top cool. The rest of the record races to keep up and nearly succeeds.

 1. Bilbao-song
2. Barbara-song
3. Overture
4. Seerauberjenny
5. Moritat
6. Surabaya - Johnny
7. Wie Man Sich Bettet
8. Unzulanglichkeit

Anre Previn - piano
J. J. Johnson - trombone
Red Mitchell - bass
Frank Capp - drums

vinyl rip Columbia CS 8541   (1962)


Hookfinger said...

designed for use on 33 1/3 rpm stereophonic reproducers, but it will work on other devices as well


george said...

Many thanks, Hookfinger!
I used a gramophone and it's all right.

Lost in Music said...

Many thanks, not just for this one but also for all the other great music you have turned on to this past month since I found your blog by pure chance.
Can't wait to see what you post next.

Hookfinger said...

Thanks, Oh Lost One. Glad to see you have found your way!