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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oscar Pettiford - Vienna Blues

One of the things I love about jazz is when I discover recordings that have players that are completely unknown to me. Session men pulled in for the day that turn out incredible records.Never heard any of these fellows that accompany Pettiford on this disc. Don't recall them turning up anywhere else, although some pedant is sure to come along and correct me.Even more surprising is that a handful of the songs were written by the heretofore unheard of sax player.

This is a great little lp. Perfect on this overcast spring evening.

1. Cohn's Limit
2. The Gentle Art Of Love
3. All The Things You Are
4. Stalag 414
5. Vienna Blues
6. Oscar's Blues
7. Stardust
8. There Will Never Be Another You
9. Blues In The Closet

Oscar Pettiford - bass, cello
Hans Koller - tenor sax
Attila Zoller - guitar, bass
Jimmy Pratt - drums

Recorded Vienna Jan 1959

Black Lion records