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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Charles Tolliver - The Ringer

Here's a groovy lp from 1969. Later reissued as Charles Tolliver and Music Inc. This swings from start to finish. A lucky junk shop find!

1. Plight
2. On The Nile
3. The Ringer
4. Mother Wit
5. Spur

Charles Tolliver - trumpet
Stanley Cowell - piano
Steve Novosel - bass
Jimmy Hopps - drums


Hookfinger said...


Back after a much needed hiatus.

anon'n'on said...

nice return..thanks

Brad Geiger said...

Great label, Black Lion. Thanks.

Unknown said...

well talk about "watch this spot"! its great to see you back here & thanks for the charles tolliver album. yours sincerely alfred venison.

dd said...

Wow! Thanks Hookfinger!

Jakdolesa said...

...great to have you back!!!

Hookfinger said...

Nice to be back!

hirscheba said...

Great to have you back! And what a record to re-emerge with! Thanks!