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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stephane Grapelli - Satin Doll

More Grappelli. Lots of fun. Lots of swing. Lots of standards.

Play this when the barbecue is over and everyone is sitting around, drinking nightcaps and watching fireflies buzz by. 

1. Satin Doll
2. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
3. Body and Soul
4. Ain't Misbehavin'
5. Mack The Knife
6. Body and Soul (second version)
7. Pennies From Heaven
8. The Girl From Ipanema
9. My Funny Valentine
10. Blue Moon
11. The Lady Is A Tramp
12. Exactly Like You
13. Ebb Tide
14. You Took Advantage Of Me
15. Loverman
16. I Didn't Know What Time It Was

Stephane Grappelli - violin
Eddy Louiss - organ
Marc Hemmeler - piano
Jimmy Gourley - guitar
Guy Pederson - bass
Kenny Clarke - percussion

produced by Arnauld Froberville
Vanguard records VSD 81/82


Hookfinger said...

this is where you can get it, if you are so inclined. Say thanks, won't you?


Den said...

I know Americans are reticent to say it, since we had some swinging cats on the fiddle, but this guy is the best in the world, and always so damn tasteful, as if he were a Cordon Bleu chef of swing... Bon apetit!

And merci, Mssr. Hookfinger...


george said...

Very nice post!
Many thanks, Hookfinger!

JH said...

Thank you! Great stuff.

vilstef said...

Many thanks, Mr Hookfinger! I always enjoy me some Stephane.

Donald said...

I'm looking at my CD of Grappelli Live at the Blue Note, on Telarc, recorded when SG was 87 years of age. It is delightful, and I'm sure this will be too. Thanks so much.

hepcat said...

This one is very nice. Many thanks.


BobSanders said...

Thanks for this. I always enjoy Grapelli and I don't have this one.


uros said...

I am not fa,iliar with this kind of music, but if your recomandation is so higly strong, I'll try it. Thanks a lot!

Hookfinger said...

Glad you all stop by, my friends.

Hookfinger said...

Hey Den - you see my email address ? Drop me a line. I'd like to talk with ya.

MrBill said...

Sounds like a winner. Thank you!4347

Muff Diver said...

Glad I'm not too late to this party :)

Thanks Hook!

nlrp said...

...I saw one of his last performances live.
Many thanks Hookfinger

alank said...

sounds great! love grapelli. thank you.