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Monday, November 3, 2014

Hozan Yamamoto + Masabumi Kikuchi - Silver World

 One of those rare records that are defined as "hauntingly  beautiful." This record was laid down when I was twelve tears old. 45 years later, I find myself mesmerized. A wooden flute really? Isn't the night sky beautiful, the clouds, the stars...the music.

1. Prologue
2. Silver World
3. Stone Garden of the Ryoan Temple
4. A Heavy Shower
5. Sawanee
6. Epilogue

Hozan Yamamoto - bamboo flute
Masabumi Kikuchi - piano
Gary Peacock - bass
Hiroshi  Murikami - drums

recorded 10/15-20/70


Hookfinger said...

An exceptional recording...taken from disc this time....

Here's the usual 320 mp3 version...so easy...


and my first attempt at flac... don't blame me if it doesn't work, just let me know and i'll drop it...


apf said...

The flac is most appreciated. It worked just fine. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hook! Beautiful indeed.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you - I have the LP yet I'm grateful for your rip.

E-mile said...

even at age46 hearing it for the first time is also very forfilling and a deeply rewarding exp! thanks!
(btw I took the 320, I think flac is a myth)
peace, E-mile

Hookfinger said...

onxidlib - for all the great things you have turned me onto, glad to share this!!

e-mile, my friend, how are you? Glad to see you around. Not sold on the flac thing myself but enough clamoring so I tried to give it a go. Eats up the bandwidth though.

Everybody else - thanks for the comments.

Ricarditoj said...

Absolutely marvelous! thanks for this rare gems and for all the fabulous music you allows us to discover.

Lightpourer said...

I have been wanting to find a copy of this for many decades. Thank you so much for the FLAC, it's worth it ... I can hear the difference clearly.

headman said...

Beautiful... thanks very much for the FLAC, Hookfinger.

AlexinSolex said...

any chance for FLAC reuploading link is dead??? please..
Thanks in advance
Alex in Solex

Hookfinger said...

Sorry Alex but the flacs use far too much bandwidth and 300 dls and less than half a dozen took the time to thank me. Nothing personal but you were among even more who asked for a re up but have never commented before.

To the regulars...I will supply a flac version, but you will have to email and ask for the link. I will not post them for all.

AlexinSolex said...

thank you very much for your kindness Hookfinger - it's your blog so you are the boss - & not to become me regular in it - i find it , searching for the above record lossless in net last week, i had written this LP in a "want list" from 80's under a good friend of mine suggestion btw-.So,no hard feelings & music never stops....
Alex in Solex

Carlos Sardiña Galache said...

Thank you very much for this (and Chico Halminton's, and Joe Harriett, and...). Amazing stuff here.

roberth said...

thank you so much for this record
and for the yusef lateef as well.
320 is good enough for me.
thank you for all the myriad gems

Unknown said...

I am downloading the 320 file.
Many Thanks for this. I tried to avoid it, but I am getting more and more into japanese bands.
Oops ! It's already there !
It's like I have got a good friend coming !
Merci beaucoup.

Funky Fred From France.

Unknown said...

Many thanks, beautiful, elegant, and very, very cool, I downloaded the other Japanese posts on this fab blog on the back of this, once again many thanks for your work here it's much appreciated!!

verge said...


Le Lorgnon mélancolique said...

I have been looking for this marvellous record for years... Thanks for the MP3 version. But the FLAC version seems not working :-(
How to get it?

Dirk Bill said...

God this is magnificent! Thank you for posting this and all that you do.
I think the Helen Merrill record from Japan with Gary Peacock I just found recently was from around the same time; interesting that he is also on this session, great player.

boogieman said...

Thanks Hook,

I must have missed it when it was initially posted. If it wasn't for bloggers like yours and a few others, I'd be completely ignorant of Japanese jazz.