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Friday, October 2, 2009

Coleman Hawkins - hawk in germany

Although Hawk gets top billing on this lp, he only appears on half of the program. And so it is when you have successfully made the transition from big band to bop.

This session features four ex-pats, all incredible in their own right. And sadly for 3 of them, recording would end shortly.

Hawk and Powell were far from their peak, but somehow this recording of old friends seems to generate a spark. Pettiford would have passed within 6 mos., Powell within 3 years, which is also when Hawkins quit recording and just took to the bottle. He hung on for another 3 years. Only Klook managed to survive the ravages of fame, quietly passing at 81.

But so much for back story, the lp is classic Black Lion production. Lots of standards, with the Powell Trio taking the mostly upbeat tracks with Bean joining for the second half, mostly ballads.

I often wonder if this has not been released as the Essen Concert.

Anyway for your enjoyment, another vinyl rip...

Coleman Hawkins/Bud Powell - hawk in germany
1. Shaw Nuff
2. Blues In The Closet
3. Willow Weep For Me
4. John's Abbey
5. Salt Peanuts
6. All The Things You Are
7. Yesterdays
8. Stuffy
9. Just You, Just Me

Coleman Hawkins - tenor sax
Bud Powell - piano
Oscar Pettiford - bass
Kenny Clarke - drums

recorded April 2, 1960

BL - 159


Cooljazz said...

Beatiful, thank you.

sasha said...

Many thanks man..Been trying to track this down for many a moon..Have the viynl but with the player down no way of listening until now..Spent some time and circumstance transcribing the bass solo on the blues track a while back so its a real pleasure to listen again to the masters at work.

duck said...

Hi there, I wonder if you could help me, I have downloaded this Hawk in Germany 4 times and i cannot get Track 1. Tried a winrar repair and there are no repair records found.
I undeerstand it is an old post.
Regards from Sydney

Hookfinger said...

Check the track listings. There probably is no #1 and the recording probably starts with #2. All tracks should be there. Give it a listen.

cvllos said...

Sorry to just now left a BIG THANK YOU for this one!
A tremendows session mainly on Bud's solo tracks; to me he's ok.
A happy New Year to you, your family & everybody on this place!