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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Art Pepper with The Sonny Clark Trio

Early, early Art Pepper from 1953. You can see the guy emerging easily here. What a sax player he would become!
I know very little about this date. My cover is a black and white affair in a ridiculous checkerboard format. This rip is taken from a Straight-Ahead Jazz records reissue, date unknown.
The original recording was done in Pepper's stomping ground of Hermosa Beach, CA. and I suspect was nothing more than a pick up date that someone recorded.

Art Pepper with the Sonny Clark Trio
1. Brown Gold
2. These Foolish Things
3. Tickle Toe
4. Tenderly
5. Strike Up The Band
6. Night and Day

Art Pepper - alto sax
Sonny Clark - piano
Harry Babasin - bass
Bobby White - drums

recorded May 31. 1953 @ The Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach.



Jazz from Italy said...

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the jazzman said...

I don't recall hearing this before. Thanks.

Hookfinger said...

You are welcome, my friends. Enjoy!

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