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Monday, October 12, 2009

Sonicphonics - Exploded Views

And now for something completely different....

This is just about the farthest reaches of jazz I can go. Not really free jazz, but a eclectic cross of jazz, electronica and no wave, as the label implies.

This disc is mesmerizing in places and damn near danceable in others. The fact that this was performed live only adds to my fascination.

It was Bang's presence that drew me to this record. His contributions are in no small part why I dig it. But truly his is but one facet of one of these recordings where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

C'mon, give it a try, I dare you!

Exploded Views

  1. Off Land
  2. Freight Connections
  3. Thin Ice
  4. Altered State Transmission
  5. Cryptics
  6. Exploded Views
  7. Deranger
  8. Data Change
  9. Mesmerize
Geoff Serle - drums, programming, keyboards, congas
Jon Dobie - guitars, saxophones
Adrian Northover - saxophones, wind synthesizer, theremin
Billy Bang - violin
Colin McLean - dub effects

all compositions by Sonicphonics
produced by Geoff Serle & Sonicphonics
live sound mix by Gunter Seiser (Salzburg) & Colin McLean (Poitiers)
recorded live at Jazz im Theatre Festival, Salzburg, February 1999 & Confort Moderne, Poitiers, February 1997

This time it was taken from disc...NMCD10


E-mile said...

hi Hook, exploded view? I'd rather say Exploded Ears [:-)thanks for the share, though even Billy Bang plays on this, well...I'm gonna push the delete-button anytime soon now.
peace, E-mile

unitstructure said...

thanks for sharing this.It did not get to me but I appreciate the opportunity to hear billy bang.

rob koral said...

hi, this is Rob Koral.
I am trying to track down Geoff Serle, we're friends from the past but have lost contact. In fact I played on his first LP the rising.