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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wilbur Harden - The King and I

Somehow I have always been a sucker for this musical, and these takes on the songs are some of my favorite versions. Wilbur Harden is always so lyrical in his playing so this rendition of the soundtrack seems natural.

Later on this was to be credited often to Tommy Flanagan who seems to have claimed larger fame than Harden, although mostly through longevity. Not to say Flanagan was a slouch, far from it as my next post will show.

There is such a joyful quality about this whole lp that it always leaves me smiling at the end. And generally befuddled as what to play next. Later versions of the lp included alternate versions of "Getting To Know You" and "Something Wonderful". Very nice recordings that languished in the Savoy faults for 30 years but unessiantal and therefore left off of this post. I can provide them upon request.

And once again, a great record to play just after an intimate dinner, but before dessert. Who can resist the charms of a beautiful companion and the wonderful strains of "Shall We Dance"? Not me.

The Wilbur Harden Quartet
Plays the Music of Rogers and Hammerstein

1. Getting To Know You
2. My Lord and Master
3. Shall we Dance
4. We Kiss In A Shadow
5. I Have Dreamed
6. I Whistle A Happy Tune
6. Hello Young Lovers
7. Something Wonderful

Wilbur Harden - trumpet, flugelhorn
Tommy Flanagan - piano, celeste
George Duvivier - bass
Granville T. Hogan - drums

recorded 9/23 and 9/30, 1958 at Van Gelder studios.

Savoy 12134

disclaimer: recorded from a vinyl copy of SJL 1189

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