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Friday, October 9, 2009

Shirley Horn Trio - A Lazy Afternoon

Ah, absolutely one of my favorite overlooked lps. What a perfect way to end summer. Sure lounging in a hammock on a hot Sunday mid afternoon may have been more appropriate but this unusually warm night, the roar of stock cars faintly in the distance, and this record have me fondly reminiscing of the the last few months gone by.

Shirley Horn's voice is an instrument unto itself and reminiscent of the best horn players. Never overshadowing her piano work, there are few who can who mesh so completely.

Her piano work is perfect for this low key outing, as is the accompaniment by a couple of Muse regulars.

This record was made for relaxing not dancing. Pour an after dinner single malt, and cue this up, await sparks.

The Shirley Horn Trio
A Lazy Afternoon

1. I'm Old Fashioned
2. There's No You
3. New York's My Home
4. Why Did I Choose You
5. Take A Little Time To Smile
6. Lazy Afternoon
7. Gentle Rain
8. Gra'ma's Hands
9. I'll Go My Way By Myself

Shirley Horn - vocal, piano
Buster Williams - bass
Billy Hart - drums

Recorded July9, 1978

Steeplechase SCS-1111


Cooljazz said...

Re: Shirley Horn. Very nice album. Thank you

Hookfinger said...

Great record, i agree, It is my pleasure to share. Thanks for stopping by again!.

wouter said...

Thanks for a very nice album, Hook!

Scoredaddy said...

thanks. Love Shirley Horn..

1rikdi said...

First time visitor to your site via the Jazzman and it's a privelege. What an introduction with the great Shirley Horn....thank you.

Winneba said...

Thank you so much for sharing

Francesco said...

Shirley Horn's albums are among the few things I would bring with myself on a desert island... I missed this one, so thank you very much!

Softcoated said...

Thank You so much for Shirley Horn!!!
My Favorite.

francisco santos said...

thanks !!!!!.....

Hookfinger said...

Jesus, what a night. Correct link now!!