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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Art Pepper - Among Friends

I had never heard of Art Pepper when I was in high school. Hell, I was just learning to dig Miles and Trane. Couple of years later, it was Monk, Mingus and Duke. But never Art Pepper. Shame really as he was going to be turning out some exceptional records over the next few years. Completely oblivious.

Lets hope these posts can save some poor soul from the same fate.

This a great Pepper date where he hooks up with a few former compatriots. No matter how fucked up he must have been at the time, he rarely laid down a bad track.

You may notice that the sidemen on this date have already worked with Pepper on previous dates. Apparently he (or somebody) gathered them together for this session. It seems to have worked out well.

You don't see this one around much.

Art Pepper - Among Friends

1. Among Friends
2. 'Round About Midnight
3. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
4. Blue Bossa
5. What Is This Thing Called Love?
6. What's New?
7. Besame Mucho
8. I'll Remember April

Art Pepper - alto sax
Russ Freeman - piano
Bob Magnusson - bass
Frank Butler - drums

Recorded from Discovery lp DS-837

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