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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Headed towards 100

As I head for post 100, I want to share a few thoughts. This blog did not start out as a jazz blog but quickly moved in that direction. And I could not be happier. Through this blog and my love of jazz I have made some pretty cool connections out in blogland. I have gotten and shared many a wonderful records that might have just fallen by the wayside. Who knows maybe to disappear forever. (Yeah, right!)

Anyway, I have every intention on keeping Hook's Hidden Gems focused on jazz but the title (hopefully) will be changed to simply Hook's Gems. Since my hidden stash is running relatively low.

I also want to focus in several different directions that I have only maybe touched on. More vocalists, some cassette copies that need to be transferred, a handful of 7"ers. And last but not least some compilations I have put together exclusive to this blog.

I also want to take some time to work on my most neglected first love - Malathion Risk. What was once a simple paper fanzine, it now languishes in cyberspace.

I may even occasionally share stories of some of my jazz related travels. Like the time I had to ask several people in the little town of Richmond, IN where the Starr Piano Factory was, only to be greeted with blank stares.

I would encourage anyone to share their stories here as well.

But mostly I want to thank everyone who visits here with any regularity, especially the 9 who have opted to "follow me". I especially want to thank those who have linked me to their sites, a greater compliment I cannot think of. And most especially a small few who wish to remain unnamed but are my greatest asset.

The thing I have loved the most about doing this has been the joy in rediscovering records that were right under my very nose. It has been a very pleasant awakening. Unfortunately you can't take it with you when you go - so after transferring many of these records to a format more easily transportable - many lps will go up for sale. Stay tuned for further developments.

In the mean time - enjoy the next couple of posts. I am looking forward to #100. It will be a killer!

Oh and all you lurkers and grabbers, a thank you once in awhile wouldn't hurt. Where are your manners?


mel said...

I'm a regular visitor; I don't download much (the Carl Perkins lp is the only one that comes to mind) and I did contact you about that John Graas cover.

But I would like to thank you for all you are doing and hope that you will continue for a long time to come.

Best wishes.

Hookfinger said...

Thanks mel, that means alot.

cheeba said...

Hi Hook!

Congrats on your impending milestone!

I chuckled at your first few sentences since somehow I ended up getting jazz-heavy on my blog too. Look forward to you trying new things, always some highly interesting items here - just wish I had more time these days to root through it!

Thanks for some great posts, cool tunes and comments at mine. Here's to another 100!

Bill said...

Hi, I just came across this after a link from another blog. Looks like a nice place here. Taking any contributions?

thoth said...

i just today found your blog and look forward to checking out much of the music. thank you so much for sharing. you have excellent taste.