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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Art Farmer Quartet - A Work Of Art

Not to be confused with Farmer's very first session as a leader. That was titled Work of Art. This much later session later session finds Farmer working exclusively with the flugelhorn. I generally shy away from the flugelhorn as it always seems to lack the fire, the sharpness I have come to associate with the trumpet. As I have grown older I have come to appreciate the fluidness and lyrical nature that the masters coax out of this horn.

This session from 1982, is on a label that I usually connected with an almost third stream sensibility. That and the completely horrid cover caused me to pass this record over several times.

I know now that Concord has a nice reputation and has released many fine records, but no one is getting let off the hook for that cover.

The Art Farmer Quartet
A Work Of Art

1. Red Cross
2. You Know I Care
3. (I Got A Woman Crazy For Me) She's Funny That Way
4. Change Partners
5. Summersong
6. Love Walked In
7. One For Sam

Art Farmer - flugelhorn
Fred Hersch - piano
Bob Bodley - bass
Billy Hart - drums

recorded Sept. 1981, NYC



thoth said...

you find concord to have a third stream sensibility? to me third stream shows a bit of experimentalism at least. concord to me is just sort of stuffy and boring with a self-righteous (and very limited) idea of what jazz should be. i might be wrong as i often avoid the label so looking forward to hearing this one and giving it a chance. looks promising. thank you so much for sharing.

vilstef said...

I have an Art Farmers story I read in a book by Gene Lees which always gives me a chuckle!

He has had an identical twin, Addison Farmer. Lees said to Art: "you and your brother are so identical, how do you know who's who?"

Art deadpanned, "Every morning when I wake up, I grab a bass, and if I can't play it, I'm Art."

paolo said...

Really nice Farmer. I share your skepticism about Concord, but Farmer seemed to avoid their limiting production practices. Nice to hear Fred Hersch backing him, too.


paolo said...

Very nice slice of Art F. I agree with the skepticism about Concord, but this recording avoids the worst of their production style. Nice to hear Fred Hersch accompanying, too.


Hookfinger said...

Hey Paolo - been so long since anyone visited here there's an echo. Nice to see ya, my friend.