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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phil Woods Quintet - Heaven

A sorely underrated lp, not that it will set the world on fire, but still...I wonder why I have never seen this around. Phil Woods is like Dexter Gordon in that these later lps ares filled with brilliance as opposed to fire. Each has its place.

Woods worked with this quartet for many years with splendid results, but adding the additional horn was really what makes the difference on this lp.

Not to be missed is the exceptional covering of two of Duke's over looked as well classics, in the title tune and Azure, which I have mistakenly always credited to Strayhorn.

Like I said in the previous post - part of the joy of doing this is finding these gems buried right under my nose.

The Phil Woods Quintet

1. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
2. Heaven
3. The Duke
4. Azure
5. 222
6. Occurrence

Phil Woods - alto sax, clarinet
Tom Harrell - trumpet, flugelhorn
Hal Galper - piano
Steve Gilmore - bass
Bill Goodwin - drums

Blackhawk Records BKH 50401-1 D


sasha said...

Thanks for your words and the post..Gotta say I love the full sound of your rips..Beautiful.

worldbflat said...

It is a great record--heard it many times. I saw this group up in Port Townsend at their jazz festival--before that had never seen or heard Harrell (I was somewhat new to jazz at that time) and immediately ran out and got this. Haven't seen it since. Go figure!