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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thelonious Monk - the man i love

What can possibly said about a Monk record that hasn't been said already. This one is another in a long line of classics. I was really surprised when I didn't find it uploaded all over the place, and even more surprised when I didn't find it readily available on disc. So this truly a pleasure to share.

But a little back story... I had heard Monks's version of The Man I Love on some cheap lp of Gerswhin covers but never knew where it came from. Not surprisingly, when I ran across this Black lion lp of monks, I snapped it up. It was one I was unfamiliar with and given Black Lions reputation, I was sure not to be disappointed.

During the first spin though was when I realized I had located that Gershwin cover that I loved so much. I'm sure I came as close to dancing as I ever do. Add to it one of the most balls out versions of Misterioso I have heard, and you end up with one first class lp.

Thelonious monk
the man i love

1. I Mean You
2. The Man I Love
3. Ruby My Dear
4. Little Rootie Tootie
5. Misterioso
6. Trinkle Trinkle
7. Crepescule With Nellie

Thelonious Monk - piano
Al McKibbon - bass
Art Blakey - drums

recorded at Chappell Studios, London, 11/15/71



Unknown said...

Good blog posting thanks for given this information.

AAUndercover said...

Wonderful. I'm so excited about this. Wow!

Thank you.

the jazzman said...

Like you, I missed this one. Thanks.

Pippo said...

Thank you Hookfinger, that's a real gem.

troods said...

So great to be a recipient of this download......thanks much for making it available. I'm familiar with some of the pieces so it'll be like a musical reunion.

sandro said...

YES!!!!!!!! not a Monk I've listened too a lot...extra super version of Misterioso indeed....thanks for bringing this back to attention

Hookfinger said...

RS link is screwed - here's a new SS link


ibanestas said...

Fantastic! I had this recording of "The Man I Love" on an old mixtape but chopped off, never knew which album it was from. The only time I heard it somewhere else was in a new movie called "Ginger And Rosa" as the credits song.
And unbelievably, there seems to be in fact no commercial digital release.

Thanks so much for bringing it back!

domestic empire said...

As with ibanestas I too came across Monk's version via the film Ginger And Rosa. Many thanks for making this wonderful out of print album available again to we music aficionados. :)