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Thursday, November 26, 2009

MRL-364 Yesterday

Here's something I have been carrying around awhile. I had no idea people were having trouble finding it so it is with great pleasure I present it here.

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The Stan Getz sides were recorded in 1948 but there is no info on when the other tracks were recorded, but given the similarity of personnel, I would assume it was near that time as well.

1. Diaper Pin
2. Interlude In Bebop
3. Hot Halavah
4. Birdland Jump
5. In A Little Spanish Town
6. As I Live In Bop
7. Talk A Little Bop
8. Sleepy Time Gal
9. In The Merry Land Of Bop
10 Stoned

Personnel and Instrumentation
Diaper Pin, As I Live In Bop, Interlude In Bop
Stan Getz - tenor
Jimmy Raney - guitar
Al Haig - piano
Clyde Lombardi - bass
Charlie Perry - drums

Wardell Gray - tenor
Al Haig - piano
Clyde lombardi - bass
Charlie Perry - drums

In A Little Spanish Town, Talk A Little Bop
Jimmy Raney, Terry Swope - vocals
Al Haig - piano
Don Russo - bass
Charlie Perry - drums

Sleepy Time Gal, Birdland Jump
Paul Qunichette - tenor
Freddie Green - guitar
Kenny Drew - piano
Gene Rainey - bass
Gus Johnson, Jr. - drums

Hot Halavah, In The Merry Land Of Bop
Dave Lambert, Buddy Stewart, Blossom Dearie - vocals
Allen Eager - tenor
Gerry Mulligan - baritone sax
Benny Green - trombone
Al Haig - piano
Clyde Lombardi - bass
Charlie Perry - drums

Mainstream MRL-364


cheeba said...

Big thanks Hook!

I just returned today from a couple days on the road at client sites - and was miserable. It was a crappy few days but seeing this when I got home today has put me in a much better mood!

I'll "hook" it up at the shad shack right away!

pedro said...

Thank you very much for let me to download your music
Thanks a lot..
My best regards
You have a incredible blog !!

Arkadin said...

Thanks for this one, Hook! (thanks also for your recent comments on my blog, much appreciated!)

OldHippieRick said...

2 things...1st what a nice blog..
2nd, thanx for the sweet LP
it has been on my watch list for LIKE ever.. I did buy a copy off Ebay but even though it said VG it was more like foobar.. ~ rick

GBR said...

Great blog! Quick comment on this one in case anyone's having trouble finding a copy of it on LP. This was reissued (same song sequence) as the first record of a 2LP set in 1974 (MRL 804). The set is entitled 'Helen Merrill - Mixes'...the 2nd record in the set is a reissue of 'The Artistry of Helen Merrill'. There's a track listing on Discogs, and a good picture of the LP on Amazon.