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Monday, November 9, 2009

Stan Getz - Gold..."Happy 50th, Stan"....

Not to be confused with the much later Verve"greatest hits" type cd, also titled Gold.

This would be the Inner City version of the Steeplechase record pictured at the left.

Assuming it got it's title from celebrating Getz' 50th birthday, I salute him. My 50th was a milestone ( and a damn lot of fun) but I didn't document it for the world.

Again we have a couple of ex-pats calling on some of Euro's best to help out on a great outing.

Copenhagen in the early seventies was the place to be, forget the west coast.

Stan Getz - Gold
...Happy 50th, Stan...

1. Morning Star
2. Lady Sings The Blues
3. Cancao Do Sol
4. Lush Life
5. Stan's Blues

6. Infant Eyes
7. Lester Left Town
8. Eiderdown
9. Blues For Dorte

Stan Getz - tenor sax
Joanne brackeen - piano, electric piano
Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen - Bass
Billy Hart - drums

recorded live 1/28, 29, &30/77
(Getz celebrated his birthday for 3 days, that's another feather in his cap.)

Disc One
Disc Two


SlimStew said...

I remember the crappy-pressing, late 70's gold covered Inner City release of this--I musta had to return it twice in exchange for one that played. Terrific music, tho'--one hell of a ringer of a "local" bassist! Thanks for this--"Morning Star", by ex-Mongo pianist Rogers Grant, is an exquisite tune.

Geo said...

I had to return my first copy also! I loved this album, and it's in my collection which is now 150 miles from where I live , and my turntable is not set up.
I could NOT find a digital copy anywhere. I gave up looking about three months ago. Did one more search, and found your site. I can not thank you enough for this treat! Joanne Brackeen never played anything better than this gig!!!