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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Something New, Something Blue - Columbia Special Projects lp

Well isn't that a tiny little cover? Pretty cool lp though...for what it is. Columbia special projects? Whatever that may be. Was this stuff released elsewhere? I have no idea.

Basically a bunch of blues tunes, originals and covers arranged by 4 up and coming composers. All star casts were supplied. It may not be perfect but it actually works.

You really have to love finding this kinda thing in the dollar bins at local flea markets!

Something New, Something Blue

1. Night Crawlers
2. Tin Roof Blues
3. Blues for Amy
4. St. Louis Blues
5. Swinging Goatsherd Blues
6. Blues in The Night
7. East Hampton Blues
8. Davenport Blues

1-4 recorded 5/15/59

Manny Alban - leader
Bill Evans - piano
Art Farmer - trumpet
Phil Woods - saxophone
Frank Rehak - trombone
Eddie Costa - vibes
Al Cohn - saxophone
Addison Farmer - bass
Ed Shaughnessy - drums
Teo Macero - leader

5-8 recorded 4/30/59

Teddy Charles - vibes, leader
Bill Russo - leader
Ed Shaughnessy - drums
Mal Waldron - piano
Bob Brookmeyer - trombone
George Duvivier - drums
Donald Byrd - trumpet
Hal McCusnick - saxophone
Frank Socolow - saxophone

CL 1388


mel said...

Columbia Special Products was a project to reissue in relatively small quantities old Lps from the Columbia catalogue that had limited consumer interest. Today they are very rare.

the jazzman said...

Tracks 1-4 are from the Manny Albam album "Something New, Something Blue".It comes on CD as a twofer along with SWINGING 'GUYS & DOLLS'.
I'm checking on the other as that sounds familiar to me also.

the jazzman said...

The other 4 tracks are on the CD reissue of Something New, Something Blue, not the twofer.

Joe Carter said...

I believe Addison Farmer (Art's twin brother) is playing bass not trumpet.

Hookfinger said...

Absolutely right, Joe. Nice catch. Fixed.

peris said...

Thank you for this great post, I was looking for it in many blogs as a request a long time now.
The complete reissue of the lp's Something new & Swinging Guys was released last year from the FreshSound label from Andora (Spain)

Thanks again

JK said...

I have always loved this LP, and I wore out my vinyl version. I bought the FreshSound CD reissue in 2005, which is OK but it's in mono. Can anyone tell me whether the twofer reissue in 2009 has stereo sound (on the Something New Something Blue tracks).

rubberduck said...

Really great music. Many thanks