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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Battle of the Tenor Saxes - IAJRC 15

A big damn thanks to Luis for scanning this cover for me.

I used to be a member of this organization, but economics and differences in taste finally caused me to drop out. I still hold them in the highest regard.

This is obviously a labor of love. Self published and full of rare tracks, I truly hope I am not hurting any one's feelings by sharing this, but it no longer appears available on their website in any form.
This lp is split into two camps, "The Big Sound" and "The Cool School". Can't say I really dig one side over the other as this is some outstanding shit.

The liner notes are extensive, comprehensive and far too detailed to provide here. but the one thing I want to reiterate from them - "Melvin Moore's vocal on Deep Purple is regrettable but the side is included here for its rarity as well as the brief contribution of Marsh."

(Aw shit - an hour of typing gone in a keystroke - what you get here is a track
and artist list, full personnel detail available in a couple of days.

Battle Of The Tenor Saxes IAJRC 15
Side One - "The Big Sound"

1. Skippy - Coleman Hawkins
2. Surf Board - Ben Webster

3. Dumb Woman Blues - Gene Ammons

4. Cup-Mute Clayton - Ike Quebec

5. Topsy - Ike Quebec

6. The Happening - Paul Gonsalves

7. Sahara Heat - Illinois Jaquet

8. Don't Push Daddy - Illinois Jaquet

Side Two - "The Cool School"

9. Movin' With Lester - Lester Young
10. Lester Smooths It Out - Lester Young

11. On The Town - Dexter Gordon

12. The Way You Look Tonight - Allen Eager

13. I'm Shooting High - Warne Marsh

14. Deep Purple - Warne Marsh

15. Oh Well - James Moody

16. The Great Lie - Wardell Gray

You won't gleam a lot of info off this back cover scan but here it is if you want to try. Again , thanks Luis.

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Something is wrong, the scans sent to you were in a generous size up to 400 kb and this is not shown here.

All the best