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Friday, April 2, 2010

John Zorn - Spillane

...and now for something completely different... or not. I have been trying to introduce new elements to the blog, so here's a start.

The title track is a rambling jazz track with all the cool elements of noir thrown in, while side two sports a very cool blues track and and a track with the unparalleled Kronos.

The whole mess is gonna take more time typing in players than it takes to listen to, so you will have to take my word for it that this is 50 minutes (or so) worth your effort.

Did I mention Kronos on the final track?

John Zorn - Spillane

1. Spillane
2.Two Lane Highway
3. Forbidden Fruit

Personnel track one -
Anthony Coleman - piano, organ, celeste
Carol Emanuel - harp
Bill Frisell - guitar
David Hofstra - bass, tuba
Bob James - tapes, compact discs
Bobby Previte - drums, percussion
Jim Staley - trombone
David Weinstein - sampling keyboards, celeste
John Zorn - alto sax, clarinet
John Lurie - voice of Mike Hammer
Robert Quine - voice of Hammer's conscience

recorded 6/86

personnel track two
Albert Collins - guitar, vocals
Robert Quine - guitar
Big John Patton - organ
Wayne Horvitz - piano, keyboards
Melvin Gibbs - bass
Ronald Shannon Jackson - drums
Bobby Previte - drums

recorded 6/87

personnel track three
David Harrington - violin
John Sherba - violin
Hank Dutt - viola
Joan Jeanrenaud - cello
Christian Marclay - turntables
Ohta Hiromi - voice

recorded 9/87

Nonesuch 9 791172-1

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