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Monday, April 26, 2010

Clifford Brown - Pure Genius Vol 1

Now this is a hard bop date!!! Brownie wails, Rollins hangs tough and Roach pounds on these live tracks. Ritchie Powell managed to hold his own. George Morrow is solid. And now I am not listing the personnel below!!

These tracks were produced from private recordings in the possession of Brownie's wife. The tapes were in less than perfect shape and Roach was instrumental in restoring them.

Was there ever a Vol 2?

Clifford Brown/Max Roach
Pure Genius Vol. 1

1. i'll Remember
2. What's New
3. Dahoud
4. Lover Man
5. 52nd St. Theme

Elektra E1-60026


keep boppin´ marcel said...

wonderful, hook!
thanks a lot to bring back this rare gem!
according to the brownie discography by bob weir, no, there was never a vol. 2!

keep boppin´

Anonymous said...

Very nice - thank you.

Funny to think that this came from his wife, who

"She had been introduced to him by Roach as a student working to prove in her thesis that jazz was inferior to her field of classical music, a thesis Brown convinced her was mistaken."

Life is funny, ain;t it?

chuchuni said...

Hi Hook ! Another gem. I am sorry I never dropped a line until now,especially since I download your shares quite often. Needless to say, a Brownie gem is a double one. Or is a triple one ? Thanks Hook ;)

roberto t. said...

Many, many thanks!

der bajazzo said...

Very many thanks for sharing this. Not only is the playing great but if the tapes were lacking in audio quality, Roach did an unbelievable restoration job - the sound is very good.

MrBill said...

This music was re-released a few years ago by RLR under a different title. It's on "More Live at the Bee Hive", as bonus tracks on the second disc.

Otis Foster said...

Hooks, in addition to the RLR release Mr. Bill mentioned, it appears that all of the Cotton Club recordings were compiled in a Lone Hill release (LHJ10292)which I haven't seen yet.