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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gigi Gryce Quintet - The Hap'nin's

** OK just so you know up front, this is not just a posting but a plea for a better recording!!! ***
The back story is that I probably borrowed this from one of the Chicago area libraries that I strip mined for great jazz records shortly after my second awakening. Unfortunately I either did not notice, or I had no way to fix it, but the left channel is virtually non existent, leaving many fine solos as only a whisper.
I'm sure there must be one kind soul out there that can help me revise the first paragraph.

This is just one of those subtly exceptional post bop dates that seems to get lost in the crowd. Tis a shame...this date swings like a mother!!!

Read carefully!!! My link has been deleted...it was faulty. The pristine link is placed in the comments sextion...and make damn sure you thank the fellow who left!!

Gigi Gryce Quintet
The Hap'nin's

1. Frankie and Johnny
2. Lover Man
3. Minority
4. Summertime
5. Nica's Tempo
6. Don't Worry About Me

Gigi Gryce - alto sax
Richard Williams - trumpet
Richard Wyans - piano
Julian Euell - bass
Mickey Roker - drums

Prestige - 8246



Delano 47 said...

Here's a perfect rip:

Hookfinger said...

Less than 24 hours..that's what it took to get a perfect rip...everyone thank delano because I will be for years to come...thank you, my friend!

Hookfinger said...

Unfortunately these seem to be identical recordings. Could the fault lie with the masters?

Bhowani said...

gigi gryce

Thank you Hook !

and thank you Delano for your work on the rip !

rowgatien said...

Many thanks for this Gryce!

OldHippieRick said...

way, way cool... this is Hap'nin' many thanx ~ rick

neil said...

And my sincere thanks, too...