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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Benny Carter/Phil Woods - My Man Bennie My Man Phil

Hard to believe this record was recorded over 20 years ago. I like to think of these great old jazz guys as eternal.

Here's a Hooks Gems admission. Somehow I always think of alto sax as...second tier...thinking the real masters played the tenor...but then I think of these two, and Pepper and Bird...and well the list goes on.

Admission #2 - the record languished on the shelf unplayed for many years. It wasn't until I was trying to unclutter than I decided to give it a spin with fresh ears. Kinda glad I did. It's a great record. Not a scorcher, but one of those records you can pull out once in awhile and really enjoy. Let's be realistic, that was a way of life with rock and roll records for the first 20 - 25 years of record collecting, at least a cd doesn't take up much room.
And at this point I enjoy a blowing session far more than a mediocre rock record.

Benny Carter/Phil Woods
My Man Benny, My Man Phil

1. Reet's Neet
2. Just A Mood (II)
3. Sultry Serenade
4. We Were In Love
5. My Man Benny
6. My Man Phil
7. Just A Mood (I)
8. M.A. Blues
9. People Time
10. I'm Just Wild About Henry

Benny Carter - alto, trumpet (4, 9), vocals (6)
Phil Woods - alto, clarinet (4)
Chris Neville - piano
George Mraz - bass
Kenny Washington - drums

recorded 12/21-22/89 NYC

This is actually taken from a cd for a change...
Music Masters MM 5036-2-C

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Terry said...

I'd just about abandoned any hope of finding this then poof, there it is & just as good as I had anticipated. Thanks a lot.