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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Benny Goodman 45s

Yessiree..more vinyl dug out from the depths... it will take me longer to type this post than the recording will last! (actually it already has.)

This is just a little box set that I acquired somewhere long ago. Benny revisiting his early 30's success. I'm pretty sure these recording are from the 50's.

When I was a kid, I wanted to play a musical instrument. We're talking early on, 7 - 8 yrs old. I wanted to play the coronet! I had seen someone play one on TV and I thought it was cool as hell.

Nope I was told - I would need braces and the trumpet, as I now knew it, was out.
How about a clarinet? Well, I spent the next year or so in a small class without another males. Clarinets were not cool.
My clarinet teacher was not cool, or he would have convinced me what I found out on my own. I love that woody sound.

This story will continue shortly....

20 minutes of swing...

Benny Goodman Trio

1. Blue
2. After Hours
3. Bye, Bye, Pretty Baby
4. At Sundown
5. When You Are Smiling
6. All I Do Is Dream Of You

Benny Goodman - clarinet
James Crawford - drums
Teddy Wilson - piano

Capitol Records CCF 343


flat5 said...

I ran these through ClickRepair and it did a good job. Added a little distortion on loud peaks but overall it is more listenable. All the constant surface noise is gone!
I can upload the result if there is interest.


Hookfinger said...

This is awesome! Please email me!!

flat5 said...


Hookfinger said...

Thanks - please email me I have some other stuff of interest.