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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Benny Carter in Hollywood

Here at Chez Hook, we occasionally like to look way back to the swing era and see where some of our heroes have come from. These Benny Carter tracks are all live and I would assume taken from radio transcriptions.

There is not a lot i can say about this stuff. I am by no means an expert on swing era jazz, but as the old saying goes, "I know what I like". This I like quite a bit.

This is taken from a Swedish import lp that I honestly have no idea how I came into.

Benny Carter
In Hollywood

1. Jump Call (d)
2. I Can't Get Started (d)
3. Sunday (b)
4. Somebody Loves Me (b)
5. Early Boyd (c)
6. Rose Room In Sunny Roseland (a)
7. Love For Sale (c)
8. Sweet Georgia Brown (a)
9. Jubilee Jump (b)
10. Habanera (from Carmen) (c)
11. Sleep (b)
12. Without A Song (d)
13. Slick Mix (b)
14. Oofdah! (d)

(a) possibly Claude Dunson, Vernon Porter, Teddy Buckner, Freddie Webster (tpts); Alton Moore, J J Johnson, John Haughton (tbns); Benny Carter (alt/tpt/arranger);Porter Kilbert (alto); Hubert Myers, Gene Porter (ts); Willard Brown (bari/alto); Ted Branson (piano); Ulysses Livingstone (guitar) Curley Russell (bass); Oscar Bradley (drums)
recorded late 43 or early 44

(b) probably from the same period as (a) but with Sonny White on Piano

(c) possibly Irving Lewis, Fred Trainer, Gerald Wilson, Emmett Berry, Paul Cohen (tpt); Henry Coker, Alton Moore, George Washington, Lewis Taylor (tbn); Benny Carter (alto/arr); Jewell Grant, Porter Kilbert (alto); Bumps Myers, Harold Clark (ts); John Taylor (bari); Rufus Webster (paino); Herman Mitchell (guitar); Charlie Drayton (bass); Max Roach (drums)
Hollywood 1945

(d) including PaulCohen, Ira Pettiford, Walter Williams (tpt); Al Grey, Clarence Ross (tbn); Benny Carter (alto/tpt/arr); Bumps Myers (ts); Willard Brown (bari/alto); Sonny White (piano); Jimmy Cannady (gtr); Thomas Moultrie (bass); Percy Brice (drums)
c. August 1946

Jazz Society AA 502


brianbrora said...

Benny carter's career spanned several decades, but It doesn't matter what you listen too by him, he was always top notch and swinging!

Anonymous said...

I listen to this music and find it very sweet and pleasant, no matter about how old it could be.
I'm looking for 3 interesting albums done by Benny Carter for MUSICMASTERS: Legends, Over the rainbow and All that jazz live at Princeton.

rubberduck said...

MAny thanks

vilstef said...

I've listened to a lot of Benny Carter, and he never fails to please. It's all heartfelt, beautiful, wonderful. Benny gifted lots of great music to us all. Do some searching for Music from M Squad-I downloaded it from a live link, source unknown a while back. It had someone else's name on it, but the playing was unmistakably Benny-and a collection I had once credited the composition of several pieces of incidental music from M Squad to him as well.