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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gil Evans - Live at the Public Theater

This is the second record of the Evans stuff I posted months ago. I wanted to offer both but at the time I could not locate this lp. Creative record filing once again takes its toll.

I'm not about to relist the cast of characters on this lp, so look up the older post for that info. The recordings were made on the same nights.

Taken from my lp, which has a different cover than that shown.

Ifr you missed the first post about this ensemble, let me say once again. Now that these recordings worked their way into my head, I would be disappointed if I could no longer listen to them when the need arose. I like records like that. Records that just sit in a dusty corner of your collection but never fail to shine when brushed off and brought out.

This time out we get a Mingus cover AND a Hendrix cover.

Gil Evans
Live at the Public Theater
(New York, 1980)

1. Copenhagen Sight
2. Zee Zee
3. Sirhan's Blues
4. Stone Free
5. Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress

Trio records PAP-25016

My cover

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