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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wynton Kelly - Smokin'

Try searching the internet for Wynton Kelly - Smokin'. You'll get a bunch of hits for his lp with Wes Montgomery..you know...the famous one. But you will not get anything for the cheapo Trip lp which actually has a couple of great sets from the early 60's.

I have rearranged the tracks into chronological order as opposed to the haphazard way they were compiled. Guess I'm just anal that way.

Sometime in the late 70's/early 80's you saw great sessions re-released on crazy little labels, and the digital phenonemon had not even set in. It actually cost a bit of green to release lps back then so I am hoping someone made money off this at some point, cuz you all are getting it for free.

Tacked on to the end are 2 tracks from a quintet session from 1959.

Wynton Kelly - Smokin'
1. Temperance
2. Weird Lullaby
3. On Stage
4. Skatin'
5. Pot Luck

6. Come Rain Or Come Shine
7. Make The Man Love Me
8. Joe's Avenue
9. Surrey With The Fringe On Top
10. Sassy
11. Love I Found You

12. June Night
13. Wrinkles

* Wynton Kelly - piano; Paul Chambers - bass; Philly Joe Jones - drums
** Wynton Kelly - piano; Paul Chambers/Sam Jones - bass; Jimmy Cobb-drums
***Wynton Kelly - piano; Lee Morgan- trumpet; Wayne Shorter - tenor sax; Paul Chambers - bass; Philly Joe Jones - drums

Trip TLX - 5010
Pt 1
Pt 2
Pt 3

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alan said...

EX VEE-JAY 3011 AND 3022 - thanks