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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Coleman Hawkins - Compilation Vol.2

Christmas Eve. Hope y'all are enjoying yourselves.

Here's some Hawk that I burned back around his birthday that never got posted. Odds and ends, so to speak.

I'm listening to these tracks as I type. And I am filled with Christmas spirit.

These tracks are culled from a couple of lps.

Now go to bed so Santa can leave gifts.

Coleman Hawkins
Compilation 2

1. Caravan
2. Sweethearts On Parade
3. My Blue Heaven
4. Organ Grinder's Swing
5. Honeysuckle Rose
6. Perdido
7. When Day Is Done
8. The Drag
9. Ole Man River
10. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
11. Battle Of The Tenor Saxes
12. Picasso
13. Lover Come Back To Me
14. Blue Changes
15. Body and Soul
16. Rifftide
17. Sophisticated Lady
18. Get Out OF Town

If you really care - the personnel will be listed in the next couple of days.

Some more Hawkins

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