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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gene Ammons - The Soulful Saxophone of Gene Ammons

Gene Ammons is not the best known tenor around. Nor the most loved. But he is good at what he does, and that is that big FAT tenor sound.

What I have for you here are couple of Ammons lps. The first is a Chess release that I don't see round much, the other a Prestige lp that you shouldn't have too much trouble running down.

Since both are short they are being included here together. They will fit on a disc nicely.

Soulful Saxophone
Gene Ammons

1. My Foolish Heart
2. Prelude To A Kiss
3. It's You Or No One
4. Can Anyone Explain
5. Goodbye
6. Pennies From Heaven
7. Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe
8. You Go To My Head
9. Once In A While
10. It's The Talk Of The Town

Gene Ammons, Tom Archia (ts) Christine Chatman (p) Leroy Jackson (b) Wesley Landers (d) Chicago, IL, October 12, 1948
U7142 It's The Talk Of The Town
Gene Ammons (ts) Christine Chatman (p, vo) Leo Blevins (g) Lowell Pointer (b) Ike Day (d) Mary Graham (vo) Chicago, IL, February 28, 1949
U7181 Once In A While
Jesse Miller (tp) Matthew Gee (tb) Gene Ammons (ts) Junior Mance (p) Leo Blevins (g) Leroy Jackson (b) Wesley Landers (d) Chicago, IL, January 8, 1950
U7231 Pennies From Heaven
Bill Massey (tp) Matthew Gee (tb) Gene Ammons (ts) Charlie Bateman (p) Gene Wright (b) Wesley Landers (d) Chicago, IL, May 2, 1950
U7248 Goodbye
U7249 You Go To My Head
U7250 My Foolish Heart
add Sonny Stitt (bars) Chicago, IL, August, 1950
U7266 Can Anyone Explain?
U7268 Prelude To A Kiss
Gene Ammons (ts) Junior Mance (p) Gene Wright (b) Teddy Stewart (d) Chicago, IL, May 3, 1951
U7338 Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe
U7339 It's You Or No One

This second lp was Prestige released with credits listed only as "organ, bass, and drum accompaniment."

This record probably has more soul than the last record.

I don't know if it is the gospel undertones on this lp that make feel so fulfilled...or just that big ole saxophone!

Gene Ammons

1. Sweet Hour
2. Yeild not
3. Abide With Me
4. Blessed Assurance
5. The Prayer
6. You'll Never Walk Alone
7. I Believe
8. Precious Memories
9. What A Friend
10. Holy Holy
11. The Light

Gene Ammons (ts)
Clarence "Sleepy" Anderson (org)
Sylvester Hickman (b)
Dorral Anderson (d)

Chicago, IL, May 3, 1962

Chess Lp - 1442

Prestige 7270


deGallo said...

RE:Gene Ammons-Soulful Sax This is a great old LP Thanks very much for it. I wonder if you have tried click repair on any LPs. It is truly the best out there for cleaning up old LPs. http://www.clickrepair.net/ It has a fully functional 21 day trial period. Some I have done with it can be found at my blog http://yellowdaysvinyl9.blogspot.com/ or here at http://jazzy62-jazzyblues.blogspot.com/ Look for posts by deGallo such as Robert Conti, Mary Osborne etc. Thanks

Hookfinger said...

He deGallo - nice to see ya round these parts. thanks for the info on clickrepair. i have tried several programs but i am "computer challenged" and nothing seems to work for me. I am not recording directly to the PC but to disc and then importing it to itunes. I will check out you link though. Email me as I would like to talk more.